Thursday, April 25, 2013

LOTM: Arbor Day

Cathedral Grove

Today the ladies are talking about Arbor Day and how we plan to celebrate it. I have to be totally honest with all y'all... I didn't know arbor day existed until Gentri sent me the schedule for Ladies of the Mountains. You see, it's not celebrated where I'm from, nor is it celebrated in Alberta. But, regardless, I'm pretty stoked that it's a thing. Now that I know what it's all about, I'm 100 per cent on board. I mean, trees are rad. They give us fresh air and shade, and they're just downright beautiful.

But, since I live in Jasper National Park, planting trees isn't really something that's feasible for me. If I owned a home, I could plant one on my property, but I definitely don't have permission to head out into the bush to plant one. So rather than landing myself a hefty fine, I've decided to reminisce and show you photos of one of the most beautiful forests I've ever seen.


Cathedral Grove is inside MacMillan Provincial Park just outside of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. It's a forest of HUGE Douglas fir trees. I remember walking around in there as a kid feeling totally insignificant. It's a crazy experience, kind of like your first time in a big city walking on the sidewalk next to massive skyscrapers. But in the forest it's still and soothing, rather than chaotic and noisy.

Now this is my kind of forest. I love lush green moss and ferns. It feels like home to me. I grew up a few hours from this forest near another beautiful provincial park, Strathcona. For me, there is just nothing like surrounding yourself in nature. I love the moist, clean air. I love the stillness and the quiet. I love seeing little critters and birds. It's all just so calming and wonderful.


Well folks, I hope my little adventure though Cathedral Grove has prepared you for a lovely Arbor Day. If you have the opportunity, be sure to plant a tree.

Gentri of Gentri Lee
Kelley of A Crooked Trail
Lena of Musings
Meagan of The Egg Out West
Michelle of On The Adventure
And guest blogger Brandi from Silver Pencils

Where is your favourite forest?


  1. Gorgeous! We are spoiled here in northern California with our beautiful, massive, ancient Redwoods. Never ceases to send me into a state of pure awe anytime I can visit them. :)

  2. Those are some beautiful photos! None of the ones I took last year look ANYTHING like them at all....boourns.

    Just taking a little apple break at work and thought I'd say hi...HI!

  3. I love Cathedral Grove, I live in Courtenay which is just about half an hour from there :)

    1. You live in Courtenay!!! Crazy. I'm from Gold River. Small world, lady.

  4. My fiance and I are headed to Vancouver Island for our honeymoon!! This post just made me SO EXCITED for exploring the area!