Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOTM: Green thumbin' it

Out in the garden last summer.
The ground is still frozen here in Jasper, or at least the soil is, so it's not quite time to plant. In fact, there are still traces of snow on the community garden plots behind our apartment building. Despite that, Ian is already talking about putting our name in for a plot this year, so we can enjoy the fruits of our labours yet again.

 photo DSC_0079.jpg

Last year was my first having a garden. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I don't know that this year I know much more than I did last year. I did learn that Brussels sprouts weren't a good plan. I learned that buying a broccoli plant that is already potted rather than going with seeds means lots and lots of delicious, earthy broccoli throughout the summer. I learned that tomatoes are my enemy and I just should give up before I even start. I learned that peas don't like it if you forget to water them. I learned that spinach will grow huge and tall and flower if you let it. Oh... and I learned that weeding is back breaking work that I never, ever want to undertake again.

If we do get a plot again this year, I hope we'll be a wee bit more successful than we were last year. I'd like to see our beans succeed and I'd like to have some herbs at least poke their heads out of the soil. (We had absolutely no luck with herbs. It was bizzaro. The seeds must have been duds because nothing sprouted!!)

But, ultimately, ll I know is, gardening is an adventure and as long as I get a good haul of carrots, peas and broccoli, I really don't have much to complain about... except those damn weeds, of course!

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Well folks, that's it for me this edition of Ladies of the Mountains. Don't forget to check out what the other mountainistas are growing (or planning to grow) this season.

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Did you have a garden last year, or will you have one this year?


  1. Those carrots look *amazing*!!! Until I was about 17, my parents always made me help out in the garden and I really couldn't stand it, but I now can't wait for some vague future where I have my own little plot :) I want to grow wildflowers and vegetables - and maybe tomatoes if I'm feeling brave!

  2. What an awesome garden!! We planted on last year and planted WAY TOO MUCH zucchini! We'd forget to pick them one day and the next day we'd find like 3 foot long ones! It was insane!

  3. I think that I must have a screw loose, because I love doing things that no one else likes to do. Case in point: shovelling snow, weeding gardens. I am a strange duck.

    I want to try my hand at container gardening again this year, but I am not holding my breath. I've got to find the easiest vegetable to grow, and boost my confidence. Maybe kale...ornamental kale has done great for me in the past. Is that edible? I should google it.

  4. I love our garden plot - but it took a few years to get into the hang of what will grow well and what to never plant again! lol

    With the few days of sun we had I am itching to get down and clean things up however it is snow/raining here today so I don't think that will be happening any time soon,:(

    Enjoy your day!
    Lindsey @

  5. Best of luck with your garden! I want to have a garden sooooo bad. I'll be waiting for an awfully long time now that I've moved to the city! i'll live vicariously through you and your garden :)

  6. hopefully we will be finishing our front yard garden transformation this year (which of course will all be documented on the good ol blog this year)- i can not wait. we have already started broccoli and eggplant indoors..just itching to get out there!


  7. the weather is still off and on here too. That's why I'm just starting my seedlings. :)

  8. Two summers ago my fiance (then boyfriend) and I had what we called our "weed free pot garden"- a garden planted solely in pots, and of course weed free. Being in a rafting community, we found it very punny, and got sick of the looks when we said we had a pot garden on our porch. This year, we're doing it up big with raised beds in our new house!

  9. I am so impressed you have such a green thumb! The carrots look delicious. All I remember about growing broccoli growing up was that the rabbits would eat it all before we had a chance too - I'm guessing you don't have too much of a rabbit problem!

  10. your garden looks amazing! hope you get the chance to make just as great a one this year! i have a tiny one in front of my house that used to have tomatoes, bell pepper & jalepenos and one time peas too but that was a year ago & def also found it was worth it for all but the peas to go w/ rooted plants.