Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Life: eleven through fourteen

Consider this a Project Life dump. I have been scrapbooking away, but I haven't been posting my completed spreads on any real schedule, so now here I am with a backlog of four spreads. Four amazing spreads, of course. But four spreads nonetheless.

As you can see, this first one is from the week that we were puppy-sitting Princess Lola, the cute, cuddly bundle of stress. It was also the week of Mishelle and Alice's birthdays and a day on the ski hill. In this spread and the following ones I tried to work in more journaling cards. My early spreads were all photos, no words, which is OK, but it doesn't really follow along with the idea of PL, which is to document the little things.

This spread is greatly about the stress of being a grown-up. I have had A LOT of drama going on in the last month and a half and although that's not the most positive thing to write about in my spreads, I wanted to document it because ultimately that drama forced me to stand up for myself. For the first time in my life, I had to say, "No! I know what I'm worth and I will stand for nothing less." I had to be brave like my pal Lisa and I'm so grateful that it all worked out in the end. And I'm also grateful to have documented the process. This way I'll remember that being strong and being brave is worth it and although it's stressful at the time, you should never settle for less than you're worth.

Mixed in with the stress of the past few weeks, there has also been a good deal of fun. Like, when I went puddle jumping, for example. That was literally one of the best afternoon activities, ever. What a great way to get out some negative energy. Jumping, slamming your feet against the pavement and getting soaking wet. It was a total blast.

You'll also note on the far right there's a piece of my electricity bill. Funny story... so the other day when I was tallying up our bills for the month, Ian looked at the electricity bill, which is my responsibility, and he asked, "Why do we have a $136 credit?" Well, it turns out I paid our electricity bill twice one month and each month after that I continued to pay the credit. I even paid the $136 thinking that's what we owed. So now we have a $270 credit. I guess we won't be paying our electricity bill for awhile! *Face palm*

In Week 14, I took over the editor's chair at the Fitzhugh. I can't believe that was only a week and a half ago. I'm already exhausted from working an honest days work five days a week!

Well folks, there you have it, the last four weeks condensed into four PL spreads.

What's up with you these days? Anything exciting going on?


  1. I love all of your spreads! I see lots of the goodies I sent you made the cut, so-to-speak. I'm going to try and post mine in the next week or so. I'm feeling a little bit better about it lately, thanks to you and Kayla, so I'm hoping I can keep up again!

    I'm glad you stuck up for yourself...and I'm super happy that I inspired you to do so! Yay!

  2. hahah I totally did the same thing with my enmax a while back, it turns out that after a year with them they return your original deposit as a credit. After that I was paying the credit amount each month for a couple months. ooh well!

  3. Oh I like your spreads--they're always so full and colorful, yet without being cluttered. Way to stand up for yourself! That always feels like the hardest thing in the world.

  4. These are great~ what a great project! {& I spy some familiar looking washi tapes being used >.<} xx

  5. These are awesome. I love the Canadian Rockies photo with the mustache and thumbs-up! :P

    I too had a funny story with our electric company. We moved into our apartment on Feb 1st and I got billed for the 20th -28th. When I called, they said I activateded it on the 20th (nope, definitely the first). After speaking with a supervisor, I DEFINITELY do not owe any money from the 1st - 20th. And that's how we got a $30 electric bill for the month of Febuary. lol

  6. What a cute and creative project! A visual journal!

  7. The journal looks like so much fun!

    All I seem to be doing lately is devoting my time to getting rid of this cold! I did get to see my brother perform his first show as a company member with the dance company that just hired him though! So cool!