Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Secret: if you want to hold the keys to my heart... 

1. Send me snail mail.
2. Put stationery in it.
3. Write me a lovely little note.

As you can see, I received an amazeballs package from my pal Louise over at Stars in Jars. It arrived late last week and I could hardly contain my excitement as I walked back to work with the envelope. Then, when I opened it, there was NO containing my excitement. This was literally one of the best packages I have ever had the honour of opening. There were just SO many things and they were all so bloody cute. So, so cute. And I could use each and every item in my Project Life binder, which is super duper exciting.

Some days it's hard living in a small town where there isn't a Michaels or another craft shop where I can feed my addictions. So, it's amazing when I receive a gift like this. It holds me over until I can make it to a big city for supplies. The other cool thing about this package is it came all the way from Korea, so all of these items are totally different from what I can pick up around these parts. Fun, right!?

This was actually my second package full of stationery in the span of a week. Lisa over at Not Ladylike sent me an awesome package full of fun goodies for my Project Life binder, as well. I don't know where she picked everything up, but holy man, she had some really cool stuff in there. And she also sent it in a hand painted envelope that I turned into all kinds of journaling cards. Bonus!!

What's your favourite thing to receive in the mail?


  1. woah.. fun! You are the champion of mail - well deserving sweetness back your way! Snail mail - any of it - is awesome due to it's rarity!
    But, chocolate, always chocolate. ;o)
    needle and nest

  2. I agree its not fair not to be able to walk in to shops and buy a cute letter set, tapes etc... so often you receive an item and you wonder what you were thinking when you choose it or it looked completely different etc. The only good thing with ordering online is that I buy in bulk when I need to from places like angoo-mart, janetstores, yozocrafts etc... where as if I went to a store I would end up buying often.

  3. oops I accidently pressed send.

    It's great what you received. I don't mind what I get as often its such a nice surprise as I've found with the 2 swaps I've taken part in this years. The only thing I don't like getting is tea bags.

  4. My favorite thing to receive are handwritten letters for sure. It makes me feel loved and special. Someone took the time, thought about me, sat down, and wrote me something. There's nothing better than that.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad it arrived safely to your side of the world!! Super happy you liked all the Korean paper goodies~ I had such a fun time putting everything together for you...x

  6. holy cow that's like the Christmas of mail packages!!

  7. brb, hella jelly

    In other words, awesome!! I would swoon for days if a box like that showed up unexpectedly! I was slowly collecting a little fun grab-bag of stuff for both you and Lisa, but I'm not sure I could follow a package like that... (appropriate emoticon: o_O)

    But I'm going to send it anyway! Eventually! (Appropriate emoticon: \o/ HOORAY!)

  8. I don't know what it is, but I know that I kind of want the yellow thing with polka dots on it!


  9. any snail mail that isn't spam/ junk mail!

    xx trisha

  10. Looks like some good goodies there :) I love to recieve letters / mail ... especially anything to add to my bird collection, lol

    Wishing lots of letters in your future...


  11. Snail mail is the absolute best! Especially pretty blogger snail mail! :D
    If you're up for it I'd love to send you something <3

  12. Are those little hamster-shaped cards? Super cute! I would love to receive anything from that package, or really anything in general. The best fun mail is the kind you didn't have to pay for! HA!

    I'm glad you liked your "care package"...I had a good time curating & collecting all the little pieces to put in. And I'm also super stoked that you made use of the envelope! YAY!!

    p.s. I want a hamster-shaped card.

  13. Love it love it love it! I'm a sucker for snail mail too!

  14. This is a key to my heart, too! Snail mail and cute stationery. Cute socks as well. I guess my heart has a few back doors. But I totally get you on a small town issue! No Michaels here! No even Target or anything! Mountains are a plus, of course.