Friday, April 5, 2013

Trench foot turns Bigfoot

Alternative title: spring barbecue adventures.

Spring is a silly little season. It's one that teases you and tricks you. It gives you warm weather in the afternoon and freezing temperatures in the evening. It gives you dry, clear streets and marshy wet lawns. It gives you a week of sunshine and then surprises you with snow (like today!). So, with all of its fluctuations, it's a season that's nearly impossible to dress for... which leads me to my story.

On Monday night, our pals invited us over for the first backyard BBQ of the season. I was so pumped. The day had been gorgeous. It was nearly t-shirt weather. I was back to wearing flats. Life was good. But, when we arrived at the party, I found myself walking around on a soaking wet grass sponge. And being the silly girl I am, I was wearing the little crocheted flats you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. No joke, it took all of five minutes before my shoes and feet were sopping wet and freezing cold. It was so bad, in fact, that the only way I found relief was holding my feet straight out in front of me while sitting in a lawn chair.

I think I made it about an hour into the party before I started joking about trench foot with my pal Casey. She assured me that an hour with wet feet wasn't an adequate amount of time for nasty prune feet to set in, but I wasn't convinced. My feet were shriveling up more and more by the second. (Friendly word of warning, never—and I mean NEVER—Google trench foot. The images will inducing vomiting.)

A little while later, my pal Hector sweetly asked, "Are you cold?" And when I admitted defeat, he immediately brought me inside, grabbed me a fresh pair of socks and let me choose from one of his 12 pairs of enormous shoes. And, of course, I went with the pure white high tops, because, well, they're high tops!

When I made the trek back outside, I felt a bit like Bigfoot or Godzilla or a clown and, if we're being honest, I looked a bit like all of the above mashed together into a mess of crazy. It was worth it to have warm feet, though. And, I definitely learned my lesson. Since then I've been dressing in all kinds of layers and I've been judging my footwear on where I'm heading. You'd think at 26 I wouldn't need such a reminder... but it seems the promise of warm weather and changing seasons is enough to make me forget the lessons of the past.

Have you had any outfit blunders because of changing seasons?


  1. Ha, yeah, but mine are all opposite. I keep thinking it's gonna be cold out, and I overdress. You can take the girl out of Minnesota...


  2. I remember from my days in a cold state that spring can be a cruel temptress. It takes yearrrrs to finally beat her at her own game with layers.

  3. You pull the best blog faces ever!

  4. Hahahah... you mean you didn't just do the fashionable move of putting grocery bags and elastics around your ankles?! ;o) Love your face here - but that's just a given!
    Umm.. I still fall for the 'if its sunny out, it MUST be warm'.. so I tend to underdress too.. even as a kid my mom would try to reason 'Mel, its sunny in the artic'.. but I just never learn.

    Happy weekend'ing there pal!
    needle and nest

  5. Of course, I googled trench foot...and nearly vomited!

  6. Best spring BBQ story ever. Seriously though... cold feet will wreck anything. Glad you got some warm bigfoot high tops.

  7. Hahaha. I have had plenty of weather related wardrobe issues. You are not alone!

    One is this skirt I love, but can't wear on windy days, or I'll flash everyone. I always make sure it isn't windy when I wear it, and then, without fail it ends up windy that day.

    Also, I have a habit of wearing long sleeves most of the year (I burn easily), but in Phoenix that isn't always practical. I remember getting so overheated once because of what I was wearing that I had to stop into a shop and buy a t-shirt so I could change.

  8. I also have a problem with this, living in Idaho. I usually just try to wear as many layers as possible, and never give up wearing boots (even into the summer sometimes!). The problem for me was the other day when spring skiing tricked me into thinking it was warm enough to not wear a coat skiing. Got rained on, which may be even worse than getting snowed on! By the way, I love your blog. Outdoorsy ladies unite!

  9. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." So goes the adage.

    But then again we want to wear pretty things.

    It's difficult to find balance.