Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A buzzworthy visitor

The other day we found this cute little fellow all nuzzled into Ian's socks, which were tucked into his hikers and sitting on the deck. He was having a little nap there when we went out to do some grilling and of course I immediately had to grab my camera. It's not often you catch fuzzy little bees just chillin' out enjoying the sun, without buzzing around flowers or your ears. I think our excitement woke him, though, because before long he let out his arms and legs and started crawling around. He probably hung out with us for half an hour, though, just enjoying his cozy perch.

Although a bee isn't as exciting as a bear or a moose or an eagle even, it was neat to have one hanging out with us. It's like all the animals in this park are tame. Even the hummingbirds have being coming around our place in the last couple of weeks. There is a feeder hanging from the deck above us and they absolutely adore it. I want one of my own, but Ian thinks that would be rude to our neighbours, who had one first. Maybe I'll just have to befriend the man upstairs and ask to sit on his patio so I can take photos and enjoy the way the birds dart around from place to place.

Do you have hummingbirds where you are?


  1. That's a much nicer visitor than the gigantic wasp that was buzzing around my room a few days ago! I'd never seen a wasp that big before. I'll take a nice, fuzzy bumblebee please.


  2. I hear we get them around here but I've never really seen one. And wow, that bee is huge!!! So fuzzy. <3

  3. A bee just like this one stung me in the third grade. Though it's actually cute when it's not flying around traumatizing children. :)

  4. We found a dead bee on our basement landing the other day. Russel put it aside for me, with a note saying where he found it and why he kept it. Lucas wanted to throw it out and was not impressed that Dad was saving it to show Mom. I should have saved the note...it was hilarious! He put a circle around where he placed the bee and everything!!

  5. We have SO many hummingbirds. They may be taking over our house. I stalked them the other day and took a bunch of pictures of them. I love to sit out on the deck and watch them come and go, they have the most beautiful colors.