Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An ode to coffee

You open my eyes
Wake my senses
Clear my mind

You're my morning companion
My tasty treat
Your first sip, a bitter kiss
Your second, a warm embrace

I love you, dear coffee
With your rich, bold taste

Please be there for me
As I'll be there for you
For I need you this morning
And this afternoon, too

Have you had a cup of Joe today?


  1. Oh yes. Many cups so far, actually. You should have seen me go a little bonkers when I was out at home for a week, and kept forgetting to pick some up at the store. My whole schedule was off!

    This is a lovely poem, by the way. I might make it in to a plaque...

  2. Um, this is amazing! I wish I could put my love for coffee into words as eloquently as you.

  3. My heart is filled with this exact kind of love for coffee when I have my first one in the mornings. Especially now that I'm a stay at home mum with a newborn that gets no sleep!