Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Are you ready to RUMMMMMMBLE!?

So this one time I went to a live wrestling match, and by this one time, I mean Saturday night. No joke, I spent my Saturday night watching men in spandex duke it out in Hulk Hogan fashion. And it was probably one of the most entertaining and ridiculous experiences of my life. I mean, it's not everyday that you get to boo someone in real life. Like, full out, BOO them. But that's what you get to do when you watch wrestling. They set it up so you know who the bad guy is (the one that doesn't high-five you) and you know who the good guy is (the one that high-fives you—seriously, it's that simple) and then you get to boo and cheer for each one. Amazing, right?

And on top of all that, you get to watch men pick each other up and throw each other around in the most over the top fashion. Who knew I'd be into that? I sure didn't expect to enjoy it quite so much. But oh, did I ever enjoy it! The only thing I didn't enjoy was how difficult it was to take photos. The lighting in the arena is always horrendous, but then they turned all the lights off and made it even worse. I had my ISO pumped to the max and still it was nearly impossible to get a good shot. I tell you, that's some kind of annoying... especially since I wasn't just taking photos for the blog. I was taking them for the paper, as well.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that there were girls wrestling, as well? Yeah... there were. In fact, there were three girls who all fought each other at the same time. It was some kind of intense... and equally as hilarious as the men. Although, I have to say, none of the men found themselves in such a compromising position as the ladies...

Have you ever been to a wrestling match?


  1. Russ & I used to watch WWE all the damn time. I have been to a couple of live matches, and even one Pay-Per-View. It's such a soap-opera! Costumes, over-acting, love triangles, blood and gore...well, it's a soap opera for men, so that last one makes sense!

  2. This looks like a hilarious night out.
    I love booing and cheering for people, a couple of months ago I went to an amateur production of The Sound of Music that was generally very good but we all did a lot of booing for the nazis and shouting "They're behind you" when they were hiding- fun!


  3. haha! I don't think i've ever been to a wrestling match. It looks like a fun night out though.
    These pictures aren't as bad as you think.. I'm sure there was really funky lighting in there.

  4. This is hilarious! I'd be waaaaay too squeamish to watch a wrestling match, I think I'd be sick if there was any blood!


  5. I went to a local wrestling match once and it was the best worst thing I have ever been to! The people watching was great, and it's fun to cheer and boo at people. I was totally sucked in before I knew it.