Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At this time last year: April

This is the one year anniversary of "at this time last year" and I couldn't be more excited that I can now look two years back. This is honestly one of my favourite features on the ol' blog. I just love seeing what I've done in a year's time. I mean, at this time last year I was a reporter for the Fitzhugh and now I'm the editor. And at that time, I was just beginning to take my blog seriously and now I can't go a weekday without posting. Plus, now I have all of you loyal readers and friends, which I most definitely didn't have a year ago. (Thanks for sticking around, pals!)

So, anyway, here's to another year of monthly reminiscing, career progression and friend-building.

Last spring, I went on a big crafting kick and made a ton of earrings like the ones pictured above. I'll admit, I don't wear any of them now, but they were fun to make at the time.

Ian and I were in the thick of our homemade pretzel obsession last April. These days we don't make them nearly as often, but when we do, they are equally as mouthwatering and delicious as the first few batches.

Last Easter, we went to Vancouver to visit my big brother, Dirk. While we were there, we went to a Giraffe Aftermath concert that was totally amazing and we also spent some quality time with some of Ian's bros from Yellowknife. I haven't seen much of my brother since then, so a visit is definitely in order sometime in the near future; hopefully while the cherry blossoms are still on the trees!

Near the end of the month, the weather finally warmed up enough to wear dresses, tights and cardigans. That's a lot more than I can say about this April. We've had snow the last few days!! Can you believe that!? Snow at the end of April. Bah! I'm not a happy spring chicken right now, let me tell you.

On a day when I was feeling down and out, I wrote this list of things I love, and looking at it a year later, I realize I still get the same happiness out of each and every item.

We were already fishing at this time last year!! In fact, our first fishing and picnic adventure was on April 30. I wish the weather would smarten up so we could get out there again. I'm dying for a relaxing day next to a lake or river. In fact, that sounds like perfection right now. Maybe if the weather cooperates, I'll propose a fishing trip for the weekend. Spring, get here faster!!

Well folks, that's what I was up to last April.
Do you remember what you were doing?


  1. I love these series, keep them going!!!

  2. Wow a year already, eh?! Funtastic times you keep having (you totally made me pester Ben to make up some yummy pretzels again here real soon.. mmmm!).
    You and your bro totally look alike - its sweet ;o)
    Hmm last April? I guess I could check my blog...methinks we were just getting used to having the big Hud around... and living a day at a time - much like now.. lol
    needle and nest

  3. It really is a wonderful series! And I've been contemplating stealing your idea. Haha. I really must make those pretzels!

    Last April for me was a mess of collection finalizing, three fashion shows in one day, and one glorious week of being completely without stress. Then, of course, I realized I was finally done school and now had to get back to the "real world". Blegh.

  4. I feel weird for remembering these things! Haha. Especially the delicious looking homemade pretzels! Congrats on another anniversary!

  5. hmmm last april, seems so long ago but according to my blog I was busy testing some of my Nana's recipes, happily getting to know my boyfriend, and eagerly looking forward to a summer of travelling! Have pinned your pretzel recipe will be giving it a try soon!

  6. I love these posts- it must be so fun for you to look back. I'm also excited because you link to what looks like the most amazing homemade pretzel recipe!

  7. What a lovely round-up! I LOVE your list of things you love... what a fabulous little pick-me-up for when in a mood slump. I'm going to remember to do that next time mine hits! x

  8. Aw MAN! This made me happy. I am still dying to make fabric button earrings! I am going to do that. REALLY SOON. I think they are the coolest! :) I was also thinking about our road-trip to BC recently. I want to go to Kelowna this summer, I think...