Monday, May 20, 2013

"Don't play with your food"

Have you ever eaten a lobster? Like, the whole thing, straight from the shell? I hadn't until Friday night and I gotta say, not only is that beast delicious, it's freaking fun to eat. Juice squirts everywhere, all over you and your friends, and claws go flying in shoddy attempts to crack them. Basically, it's an all out mess... which, if we're being honest, has to be the best food experience in the world. You go your whole life being told not to play with your food and then you're handed a lobster and the tune changes. I mean, who can resist playing with these creatures? (When they're dead that is..  I don't know that I'd want this guy so close to my head if he wasn't already cooked.)

The only downside is the juice ends up all over you. Like, ALL over you. So you spend the rest of the evening smelling of a nasty fish market. I also made the mistake of leaving my rings on, so I had all kinds of lobster juice stuck under there, stinking up my hands something fierce. (Needless to say, I was a big hit at the bar later.) But even with the stinky aftermath, I would totally do it all over again just to savour the butter soaked lobster meat. Om nom nom.

Do you have any lobster crushing tips? I could use some if I'm ever going to do this again... as I may or may not have been the girl who had her claw go flying 10 feet from the table.


  1. Love lobster! Or crab.... it's also fun. And much more readily available on the west coast :) ~Stephanie

  2. I've never eaten fresh lobster, but it sounds like it would be a blast! Hopefully someday I'll have the opportunity. :)

  3. Lobster is my favorite!! You just made me crave a good surf n turf >.<

  4. juice. Never been a fan of lobster. But I don't believe in working for my food. I once had to eat crab right out of the leg, and I was mad and fed up about 10 seconds in. I do like the "dip in butter" part of things....

    P.S. You're Cute!! Wink. Are you available for a houseguest in June or July?!?!?!

  5. That picture is hilarious!! I've never eaten lobster before... and I think I might feel bad for it? I'm not a vegetarian but I think I like meat better when it doesn't look like a whole animal!!