Monday, May 6, 2013

It's fishing season!!

On Saturday Ian, my friend Mishelle and I went out for our first fishing adventure of the season, and in true Ian and Nicole fashion, we didn't catch a thing. In fact, we didn't even get a nibble. I don't know what's wrong with us, but the entire fishing season last year, we only caught a few fish and they were all well undersized. This was never an issue in Yellowknife. Our line would hit the lake and suddenly we'd be reeling in the big one. But here in Jasper the fish are far too smart for us. They're illusive little creatures, I tell you!

The bighorn sheep, on the other hand, they're everywhere. A group of them were literally about 10 feet from some tourists while we were out on the river. It was interesting to watch the couple just sit in their lawn chairs enjoying the nice warm weather, while right behind them six sheep munched on the trees and grass.

I love those calm close encounters. (Not like the encounter we had last year while we were fishing!) If I were a true photographer, I would take advantage of them and get right up close and personal, but I can't bring myself to disturb the wildlife (because it's illegal and because I'm far too nice).

Have you had any wildlife encounters lately?


  1. Wow. With a day as beautiful as that who needs to catch anything! It looks like it was gorgeous.

  2. Great pictures!

  3. i can't even begin to express how envious i am of the scenery that surrounds you on a daily basis.

    kevin has been going fly fishing lately..and believe me - it looks nothing like your photos!!


  4. That first shot is breathtaking.. could be a postcard!! Guess you just have to stick with fish sticks there then eh? Better luck next time..!
    Hope it was all the relaxation you needed tho after last week...xx
    needle and nest

  5. Beautiful photos as always Nicole. I haven't gone fishing in 8 million years.