Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Potted prickly pals

Ian is a huge lover of plants. Like, honestly he has mad love for them. I, on the other hand, hate things that depends on me for life. I'm sure I've mentioned this on the blog before, but I basically avoid animals, plants, children, old people, the works, because I don't want to be responsible for their well being. So, yeah, plants are out. They're just too much damn responsibility. Watering, ensuring sunlight, ugh. I quit.

But, then something happened. A couple of weeks ago, we saw a bunch of AMAZING cacti and succulents waiting to die at one of our local grocery stores. It appeared no one had even touched them. They were the undesirables. So, I brought four home for Ian, knowing he'd go bizerk. And then, before I knew it, the plant-lover bought 10 more and my house was overrun with these prickly little things.

On Sunday, we finally moved them out of their tiny little homes into some colourful pots. That's where my contribution ends. From here on out, they are Ian's responsibility. I will gladly look at them and enjoy their presence in our home, but there will be absolutely no love or water coming from these hands. Knowing my luck, I'd drown them anyway.

Are you a plant person?


  1. I'd love to be a plant person... I just have a terrible tendency of killing them. I recently(almost a month ago now) bought four succulents and a small cactus, and they aren't dead yet, so fingers crossed they stay alive. Sadly though, one of the succulents had started to sprout a baby and it ended up dying...

  2. Last time I tried to be a plant person, they all burned black in the sun. It was ridiculous. How can someone fail so hard?! I'm about as good with plants as I am wish fish and rodents. If it can't jump on my face when it's hungry or needs to pee, I will surely kill it!

  3. Ha - I'm right there with you.. there is ONE, one plant in our house - a stubborn lil' jade plant that refuses to die despite my neglect. But cacti are the way to go as far as neglect goes.. so good pick! ;o)
    *Funny, you and the Dainty Squid both had these pics beside each other in my blog roll today... !

    needle and nest

  4. Im on the same page as you! I just dont want the responsibility but i changed to the cacti family. I love Cactuses! They look so cute and suit every where! And it gives the illusion that your a plant person!
    xx Elly - Jazzlips&tulips

  5. They look beautiful! I wish you (I mean Ian) all the best with your lovely little succulents!

  6. I love plants! Actually, someday I will have to blog about the over abundance of plants we have. Seriously, on a hot day our guest room is like a humid jungle.
    Also, I think I'm the opposite when it comes to responsibility. I'm overly caring. Bring me your unloved pets, your dying plants, your moderately obedient child! I will take them in! Just no babies. Yikes

    Audrey/ An Aud Blog

  7. I LOVE plants! these look so cute. I've been out panting away like crazy in this sunny BC weather!

  8. (Clearly I am doing a major catch-up on your blog right now...)

    This kills me - I am laughing so hard. So typical. I love the colourful pots!

  9. Haha, I'm a plant killer too. They are so cute!

  10. I LOVE plants but I am terrible with them too. I have drowned many a cacti. The other day I bought a little flower at Trader Joe's and it wilted within 2 days! I don't think I should be blamed for that one though, I didn't even have a chance!

  11. I always try to be a plant person and end up killing everything... I've decided to give up on plant growing for the next few months and give it another go when I move back to sunshiney kamloops where they have more of a chance of surviving.