Friday, May 10, 2013


Did you know when you look up "Friday" on YouTube, Rebecca Black's horrible, mind-numbing song is the first thing that pops up!? I didn't until just now and I gotta say, I'm slightly offended. How is Ice Cube's movie not on top of that list? How could it possibly be second to REBECCA BLACK. If I'm being honest, I'd rather see the definition of the word Friday before that song.

You see, when that gem of a tune hit the airwaves, I was working in a newsroom in Yellowknife. And one of my co-workers, who I adore most of the time, took it upon himself to sing Friday EVERY SINGLE WEEK. No joke. In fact, it didn't even have to be Friday. Some days he'd just sing it... for fun. Now, of course, he did this knowing the song is the worst piece of music ever written and he did it knowing that everyone in the office was going absolutely batty. For him it was entertaining. For the rest of us it was torture.

On a happier note, it's FRIDAY! Like, for reals. So enjoy it, pals. I hope you-all have a wicked-awesome weekend. Mine is stacked with fun! Tonight I'm going to a friend's housewarming party. Tomorrow I'm volunteering to help build trails in the park. Then I'm going swimming for the first time this season! Saturday night I'm going to dinner theatre. And Sunday I'm going hiking. Life is grand!

How's your weekend shaping up?


  1. sounds like a great weekend! have fun!

  2. Oy. That's not surprising, but boy is it obnoxious! If Jordan even so much as *thinks* I'm about to start singing it (purposely or otherwise), he shuts me down quick. I am grateful for that.

    At least it's not the Thanksgiving song... :( :( :(

    Sounds like you have a busy, fun weekend ahead of you! I'm going kayaking for the first time tomorrow (AHHHH scary!), and then Sunday is a trip to a local nursery for some pretty plants, the local coliseum for some baseball tickets, Costco for some printed photos, and then home for board games with some of my favorite dudes!

  3. hahahha yes!!! That song is so horribly awfuly amazing. It's such a an insult to the music world that it's one of the most watched videos but it's so ridiculous that it's hard not to laugh at.

    Hope you have a good weekend!!

  4. Sometimes I still sing YES-TER-DAY was THURSDAY THURSDAY to Rob, haha. Happy Friday friend!

  5. Well that's a shame! I made a point to avoid ever listening to that song after hearing all my friends complain about how awful it was and how impossible it was to get out of their heads. Sometimes living in your own bubble of ignorance to the world is for the best! Haha.

    Happy Friday!