Monday, May 27, 2013

The view from here

I spend a good deal of my day looking out my office window, watching birds and trains, and in the summer months, silly tourists, who fail miserably in their attempts to parallel park. I don't know how I'd get by if I wasn't blessed with a view—if, say, I were stuck in a big city cubicle with fluorescent lighting, as opposed to sunlight.

At least with a window and a view, when the going gets tough, I can just look outside at the gorgeous mountains or at the chirping birds perched on the Subway sign beneath my window and I can snap back to reality. I can realize that no matter how stressful things get, I live in the most amazing place on earth—a place where you're more likely to hear a bird than a car horn and you're more likely to see a herd of elk than a taxi cab. Yup, the view from here is pretty swell.

What's the view like from where you are?


  1. I can relate 100% living in Canmore!

    Sadly in 3 months we'll be packing up and moving back to our native province to be closer to family, but from living in the Canadian Rockies, I can no longer tolerate city-life like I was once able to. Time to find a house in the country!

  2. Oh my goodness that is such a great view! And I am right there with you on just realizing how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place when things get stressful.

  3. Wonderful view! What a lovely little bird too!!!

    There isn't much of a view where I live. But I suppose that's what you get when you live in a very flat suburb.

  4. My current view is a whole lot of rain and my living room (since I'm still resting from illness) but I get blessed with a few house sparrows visiting my patio once in a while too! How lovely! Little birds make everything better don't you think?

  5. I work in a cubical, in a room the size of a closet, that's inside a big empty warehouse. It's so lonely. Occasionally though I'll open the delivery dock to let the sunlight and breeze flow in. Even still, all I see is another delivery dock.

    I'll totally trade! lol

  6. Wow, what an amazing view! xxx

  7. as jealous of your scenery. days i work from home are full of natural sunlight, gorgeous house plants, kisses from furry four legged friends..but days i have to go into the office.. it's horrible lighting and a sea of cubicals..ugh..

    hahah when i used to work at the bank, it shared a parking lot with a grocery store and a few other small shops - on really windy days, we used to watch out the window at the shopping carts flying across the lot ramming into cars and sometimes even popping over the curb and going into the road. now i now, technically, this is not funny. but when you work at a's pretty entertaining!


  8. I know where your office is! Cool!

    My view is of a greeny wall and some black filing cabinets. The view from my boss' office is a dirt pile, sometimes complete with dump trucks and bulldozers. Working in the 'Burbs...sigh.

    P.S. I'm coming......