Saturday, June 1, 2013

At this time last year: May

Looking back on May of 2012 was a wee bit crazy. Seeing everything I did last year almost makes me feel guilty that I have done so little, other than work, this month. I think seeing all of my adventures and blog projects is just more reinforcement for yesterday's post. I really need to cut down on work and instead enjoy life and this beautiful park. And part of that enjoyment is putting on fun spring colours and going out for dinner with the ladies. The above outfit was tailored just for such an occasion.

At this time last year, I showed off some of my style staples and looking back, my style really hasn't evolved much over the past year. I'm still wearing that belt religiously. And I still love colourful tights, scarves and wooden earrings.

Although I knew a plea to cat lady bloggers to stop posting photos of their cats would never work, I tried it out anyway and it turned out to be one of my most popular blog posts, as people either agreed or strongly disagreed with my sentiments. A year later, I still hate photos of cats...

Now, this is one of my favourite posts of all time. It's a little story about a close encounter with some elk, who decided to kick us out of our fishing spot. How rude!

Last May, we planted my first ever garden and today, I'm going to plant it yet again (with hopes of better results than we had last year.)

Ian's dad came for a visit last May, as well, so we went up to the top of Whistlers Mountain in a tramcar and took a bunch of beautiful photos of the view. And, we also took this goofy photo of us in various pairs of Ian's goggles.

After a calamity of errors, we went to theAthabasca Glacier last year, and while we were there we decided it would be fun to do some jumping photos. Well, as you can see, that didn't work out in my favour. Although, it did make for a good laugh.

For this outfit post, I pulled out a seven-year-old shirt now eight years old and still in my closet. I don't think I've worn it since, but I still love it. Hmmm.. maybe I'll recreate this outfit next week.

I finally got out my sewing machine and made a project last May. I found these placemats at the thrift shop in town and loved the fabric, so I brought them home, hoping I'd think of something cool to make out of them. Then, as I was sitting down at my craft desk, I decided they'd be perfect as a purse. And so I turned a placemat into a purse.

That's what I was up to last May. Do you remember what you were doing?


  1. i have a favorite belt JUST like that.
    i seriously wear it with everything!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. This was about the time I started following and reading your posts. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already. What a crazy adventure.

    A year ago I was losing my mind knee-deep in wedding planning. I'm so glad that's over with now <3