Friday, June 14, 2013

From dumpster to patio perfect

Ian brought a rickety, peeling, piece of junk table home from the dumpster the other day, in hopes I'd clean it up for our patio. And how could I say no? I mean, who doesn't want an excuse to pull out the ol' palm sander and get covered in sawdust? If you ask me, any excuse to bust out a power tool is one worth taking.

So I spent a Saturday morning and early afternoon sanding, priming and painting in the sunshine, with some 90s alternative rock blasting through the window. Bliss? I think so! The weather was warm. The view was great. The music was perfectly awful and I had the time to spare.

My favourite part of refinishing furniture is when you get to move from primer to COLOUR. And wait until you see the RAD colour I chose. It's seriously out of this world amazeballs. In fact, it's my favourite colour of all time. I even have a parka in the same shade. No joke!

So there you have it, our new patio table. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Although, I will admit, I've been debating painting a frog face on the top, or something ridiculous and fun to fa-bam it up a little more. If I take the plunge, I'll keep you posted.

Have you ever refinished a piece of furniture? How'd it work out for you?


  1. Woah, woah.. way to go green there.. literally, and upcycling that discarded lil' beauty!!
    Now that I work at my paint store again, I still can't decide what my favourite colour is (turquoise of some degree of course)... but that green is fun! Here's my two favourite old chairs I redid.. I still LOVE them! ;)
    Yeah.. like I said, turquoise! lol
    needle and nest

  2. That's a pretty gorgeous color! I'd love to experiment with stuff like this (as right now I have no concept of sanding or priming or any of that nonsense).

  3. That colour is gorgeous! You could do a little frog motif or something just in one corner of the table, then it can be discrete but still super-fun!

  4. "Perfectly awful" is the absolute best way to describe most 90s alt rock. XD I've refinished furniture before, it's actually a lot of fun. But I always run out of paint before I'm done. One of my dressers has been 3/4 painted for two years. Baha.

  5. What an amazing color! The last project I did similar to this was decoupaging and painting a small end table. It was pretty cool and I should do it again!