Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Straight to Diva

Have you ever wondered what a straight man would look like in drag? Well, wonder no longer. I have photos and stories to fill those wondering minds. On Friday night, Out Jasper held an event called Straight to Diva, where four men were transformed from the scruffy, manly men they are into feminine drag queens. The transformations were done by four hair salons, who were competing to have the most believable and talented queen. Let me tell you, the competition was FIERCE. These guys and their stylists took the task to heart and gave it their all. Each of them was sporting ridiculous high heels—heels I wouldn't even attempt to walk in. They danced. They wore layers upon layers of concealer. (ICK!) They lip synced and made all around fools of themselves. It was literally the best thing ever!

This is Corey. He lip synced to Queen's bicycle, among other songs, and his wife came out dressed as Eminem and lip synced alongside him. It was a sight to see! I was laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face... and with all that water in my eyes, I couldn't tell if any of my photos were even remotely in focus. (I attribute the out of focus photos to the moments where my whole body was shaking with laughter.)

This is Danny. He's the frontman in an Irish punk band called Some Irish Pirates. He sang Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It." It was out of this world. He had the showmanship aspect of the competition down pat. Plus, who doesn't love a bright blue wig?!

This is Paul. I think he was the most believable woman. I mean, look at that bod and that makeup. Hubba hubba. He also had some killer dance moves. He could twist right down to the floor, even in huge heels. Huge props for that!

And finally, this is Jeff, or as he's more commonly known, Smitty. He was the big winner of the night. His dance moves weren't quite as graceful as the Paul's or Danny's, but he had a certain je ne sais quoi about him that ultimately saw him take the title as the best diva.

I bet you wouldn't be surprised to hear the bar was SLAMMED with people for this event. It was so busy that I was literally stuck sitting on the floor right in front of the stage area, just so I could get some photos. I cannot wait for next year. I see this event becoming a staple in the year. It was so incredibly fun and hilarious. My expectations were blown out of the water. The guys were such good sports. Not only did they allow themselves to be made up, they took on their roles with a ton of enthusiasm. (Or, at least they drank enough to get themselves there!!)

Does your LGBT community do any cool events where you are?


  1. Dallas has a HUGEEEEE LGBT community. There is an area of town called Oaklawn which is our city's own Gayborhood. Though you can find LGBT friendly areas all over the Metroplex (The Dallas area encompasses 12 counties and is larger than the size of Rhode Island!)

    For my bachelorette party, my friends took me out to one of the lesbian bars and we had a blast. They have music shows, drag shows and burlesque shows there often. There's a ton of that going on all over the city. And our pride parade is pretty fantastic. I'm so happy that Dallas has an LGBT community. And glad to see you enjoy it too! ^__^

  2. Hahahahahhahahaha omg Paul I'm going to have to send him this blog post this is hilarious. He looks like Twiggy.