Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What we wore

Friday was Ian's birthday, so I asked his best friend Maarty to snap a photo of us to send off to his parents. (Hi Kathi and Mike!) But, of course, Ian being the creative type he is, he couldn't let it be just any photo. So, we ran outside and lied down in the grass while Maarty attempted to articulate Ian's vision by leaning over the balcony to take photos.

As you saw yesterday, we spent Friday night at the Straight to Diva event. The above outfits are what we wore. I bought my dress at Value Village in Kelowna two years ago. Ian actually picked it out. I don't wear it often, but when I do I feel fabulous in it. I love the colour blocking. I love the mod look and I adore pair it with fun cardigans and tights. The cardigan is also a Value Village find, although I found it in Edmonton. And the tights are from the Value Village Halloween collection. The shoes and necklace are the only part of the outfit that aren't thrifted. I bought the necklace from Etsy and the shoes from Walmart.

Ian's wearing a thrifted shirt, pants from Winners and birthday socks from me (aren't they rad?). Ian has just recently entered into the world of coloured pants. Before last weekend, he owned the same pair of jeans in three or four different shades of denim and black, so this is a big change.

I really love how our outfits play off each other. We're such a colourful duo. And I also love how this photo turned out. We don't have too many together, as either one of us is usually behind the camera, so it's exciting to have a nice one—especially one where we're both smiling.


  1. Very sweet picture
    I love Ian's dotty socks and how perfectly they coordinate with his outfit

  2. This is so super cute!

  3. Love it! You guys are just the bee's knees. More balcony pictures!

  4. You guys are the best! Seriously I love all the different photo shoots you end up doing, because they are always just so wonderful. This seriously made my day!

  5. These photo is amazing! You guys are freaking awesome xo

  6. You guys are super adorable! I love how the angle on this photo is spot on, as if you were standing up looking at someone.

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  8. Aw, you guys look lovely!
    I hope to have a picture like this with my boyfriend too--fun and crisp!

    **just blog-hopping around**