Monday, June 17, 2013

Where glaciers fall

Last year, 70 per cent of Ghost Glacier fell from the side of Mount Edith Cavell. They estimate 70 per cent equates to between 100,000 cubic metres and 200,000 cubic metres of ice. That ice, which fell in a number of large chunks, landed in a glacial tarn (lake) at the foot of the mountain. The ice fall happened in August when the tarn was at its highest water levels, so the impact of the ice hitting the water created a huge air blast, wave and flood. Luckily, the event happened around 5 a.m. because had it been a few hours later, hundreds of people could have died, as Edith Cavell is one of the most popular areas of the park.

Because of the fall, the damage done and the unknown risk of further incidents, the area was closed to visitors, while Parks Canada had a geotechnical study completed. That study is now complete and Cavell is again open to the public.  So, I went up with a representative from Parks Canada Friday morning, before it opened, to see how the ice fall had changed the landscape. But the weather wasn't ideal, so my friends and I went back on Saturday to take a better look around and to get some better photos. Here for you are just a few of the shots I took during our adventure.

I just love how raw the landscape looks. The chunks of ice. The moraines. The remaining glaciers. The tarn. The mountain. As we wandered around, weaving between pieces of ice taller than me, I started to feel like I was walking on Krypton. It was pretty surreal and completely amazing.


  1. It looks gorgeous! Crazy that the ice was so tall!

  2. looks like a completely different place! The meadow, the little trails and mini waterfalls and places to explore are all gone! I am feeling a little sad actually, as this is one of my favourite places on earth. I feel as if I have lost an old friend or something. Can we add this to our activities list for the weekend?

  3. I really need to go see how it looks since last summer. My roommate last year actually wanted to go the day that happened but we realized it was closed on the way and then heard about the glaciers falling. Scary how I may have been there if it didn't happen at 5 am!

  4. amazing pictures!

    xoxo, Oleah
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  5. the melting glaciers all over the world is a huge outcry that we are killing our planet. ironically that you posted this today because for my wednesday "watch it" is for "Chasing Ice" an amazing and very sad/ scary documentary. you should definitely check it out


  6. So gorgeous! Crazy (and so sad) how much glaciers have been disappearing in general.