Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fishing for weeds

This is my second summer in Jasper and I have still only caught one fish. ONE! Guys, this is getting ridiculous. I mean, I know that most of the fun of fishing is just getting out into nature, casting and drinking beers, but seriously, I need to catch a fish and I need to catch one soon. I'm losing all faith in my wilderness woman abilities. I'm truly beginning to think that if I got stuck in the woods, I's starve to death. These are scary thoughts, my friends. Scary, scary thoughts.

We went out in our pal Ian's canoe on Sunday (while I was terribly hungover and felt a bit like I was going to vomit overboard) and we didn't have a single bite. Not a one. I'll admit, despite the lack of fish action, it was a pretty glorious day out on the water. I mean, Maligne Lake is incredibly gorgeous and being stuck in a boat playing 20 questions (more like 50 questions) and "Would you rather..." with a few great friends did make for an insanely hilarious and joyous day. Throw a fish into that mix and it might have even gone down as the best day of the summer.

So come on fishies, come to mama!

Have you been out fishing this summer? Any luck?


  1. I haven't been fishing yet this summer but when I went last summer I also only caught ONE fish. Lol.. we're in the same boat. I like casting the line more than anything though. I know.. I'm a weirdo.

  2. Gooorgeous photos! What a lovely summer you guys are having. :)