Friday, July 12, 2013

Home: mine and Luna's

I grew up with a pet whale. Scratch that. Let's try this again, I grew up in a small community on Vancouver Island and that small community was situated on a fjord. In that fjord lived a lone orca who separated from his pod when he was two years old. His name was Luna and he spent years living as a member of our community, and recently, Ryan Reynolds made a documentary about him. It's called Whale. I watched it last week and balled my little eyes out, not just because of Luna's story (which is totally heartbreaking), but because of the scenery. I go home so rarely, that my heart aches at the sight of the gorgeous mountains that surrounded me as I grew up. The film also brought me back to the days of my youth, when my friends and I would drive down to the dock and just listen to Luna bumping and playing with the boats. It was a truly magical experience growing up so close to such an amazing creature and seeing this film reminded me of just how lucky I was to have Luna in my life.

If you haven't already seen this documentary, I highly recommend you watch it.


  1. That's such an awesome way to grow up! Whales are seriously in the top five of coolest animals on the planet, and I remember spending summers traveling up to Vancouver as a girl scout and visiting with a local tribe and listening to their stories about orcas. I so want to see this movie now.

  2. Wow! How amazing that you got to grow up with an orca so close to you. It was the town pet I guess. I started getting choked up just reading your little summary of the movie.. can't imagine the hot mess I'll be when I watch it. :)

  3. this is def on my list to watch - i was almost in tears watching the trailer, can only imagine what i will be like when i watch the movie!


  4. Wow that's amazing! I need to watch this. I really want to check out the Pacific ocean too since I'm closer to it now than I've ever been before!

  5. What a sweet story! Thrilling that you got to get so close to such a wild creature but sad too that it had lost its family
    I'd love to see the film

  6. I need to watch this! where did you grow up? I live in Courtenay :)

    1. Hey Tereza! I'm from Gold River, not far from you!

  7. Okay, seriously, I am really, REALLY looking forward to being around my family, but this post reminds me of how happy I am going to be when I leave Ontario again lol. Maybe I will go someplace different, like the Island. :)

  8. Oh man, that is incredible! Must remember to watch that.