Saturday, July 27, 2013

Solo road trippin'

I'm on the road today heading to Edmonton to see my girl Lisa. We're going to do some thrift shopping and beer drinking... oh, and some girl talking, of course. And then on Sunday I'll be picking Ian up at the airport. Have I mentioned he's been away for the last week and a half? He's been vacationing at home in Yellowknife. I know it's probably awful to say, but I've been so busy this past week that I haven't even noticed that he's gone. Well, I guess I notice when it's bedtime and dinnertime... but otherwise, I really haven't been home enough to be totally aware of his absence. Does that make me a bad girlfriend? Hope not!

Anyway, see you-all on the flip side. Wish me luck on my second-ever solo road trip to Edmonton. Thankfully this time it's summer, so there won't be any snow on the ground. Phew!

Happy weekend all! What are you guys up to?


  1. fun, fun! Have a hoot - but we know you will... You are such a busy bee out there Nicole, way to soak it all up there!
    needle and nest

  2. Hello! I hope you had a lovely afternoon and an uneventful drive home. My aunt who is in town reads my blog all the time and she was disappointed when I got to the softball game and you weren't with me. I think she was looking forward to meeting you! HA! It was a wonderful Saturday...see you soon?!?!

  3. you surely are a brave girl! i hope you had safe travels!