Thursday, July 25, 2013

What to Wear: camping

Camping means plaid and jeans. At least in my books, anyway. I live for my plaid shirts when I'm out in the wilderness. It just seems like the most appropriate place to wear them. And there is just nothing better than a well-fitted, cozy jean short. I bought these guys a couple of years ago and I adore them! They have been on many an adventure and they've never let me down. I guess I could say the same for the shirt, actually. I bought that three years ago when I was living in Fredericton, NB. I picked it up right before a camping trip—hence why I likely view it as my camping shirt.

Top to bottom:
Sunglasses: Ardenes
Shirt: ...Fredericton somewhere?
Shorts: Jean Warehouse

Also key to a camping get-up are sunglasses. You don't want to get caught out in the wilderness without them. Otherwise, you'll be the silly one squinting all day long. NO FUN!

I'm sad to say I haven't yet taken my tent out this year. I just haven't had the time. I'm hoping that Ian and I will be able to get the time off to go on a three-day rafting trip down the Kootenay River again this year (Aug. 3-5), but that's not nailed down yet. If we do, then I'll have three nights in the tent and three days on the water! Heck ya.

Do you have a camping outfit? Why not link up, so we can see it! We'd love to check out what you put together. If you can't make it this week, don't worry, What to Wear happens every two weeks and everyone is welcome to join. Our next occasion is What to Wear during a thunderstorm. Fun! We'll be posting those outfits on Aug. 8. See you then!


  1. perfect camping outfit! I wear very similar things when I actually camp (I took some creative liberties with this prompts photos)

  2. Haha, when I camp I live in plaid too. I have this awesome plaid shirt I thrifted which is just a little too big in all the right places. ;) perfect for camping. Looking lovely lady!

  3. Ack! Sexy camping! Nobody said anything about sexy camping...

    P.S. You look hot, by the way. That's not too forward is it?!?!


  4. lovely! I <3 flannel too. I was excited to wear mine to do yard work last night, but it got too hot too quick, haha!

    (p.s.~ sorry, totally just commented as my husband. duh-forgot to log him out, haha!)

  5. I went with the plaid and denim too- it pretty much screams camping :) So funny, this morning we had a thunderstorm before I shot my camping outfit, not even realizing I should be preparing for the one next time! I bet camping where you are is the most beautiful thing ever!

  6. Love how you & Lisa both went w/ the plaid & jean shorts! sunnies are def a must, but I guess that's a given anywhere in Arizona. the scenery looks incredible over there!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda