Thursday, July 11, 2013

What to Wear: wine tasting

Sometimes you just have to take the prompt literally, right? And what better time to do that than when you're required to taste multiple wines? As you can see, I happily pounced on this opportunity and before I knew it I was a few too many bottles deep. What a mess!

When I started thinking about this prompt last week, I knew I wanted to wear something super cute (thanks Coquitlam Value Village for making the choice easy!!) and I knew I wanted to look like a messy drunkard.

Success? I think so. Plus, to top everything off, this photoshoot FORCED me to conquer my fear of posing in public. When I suggested this idea, Ian said we could go up to Pyramid Lake and borrow a ladder from the resort (Ian does IT for them), so we made the journey up there Monday evening, only to find my dreamed-up location was swarming with children making mud pies, parents making dinner and young men fishing. Yikes! But despite all the people, I powered through. We got out the ladder. Ian got out his boom, climbed above me and took a bunch of shots, while I pretended we were all alone on a desert island. It really wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.

From head to toe:
Dress: Value Village
Cardigan: Value Village
Shoes: Winners
Necklace: Giveaway from Salvaged Strawberry

Do you have the perfect wine tasting outfit? Why not link up with the What to Wear ladies and show it off. We'd love to see what you put together! If it's too late and you just don't have time to throw something on and snap some photos, why not join us on July 25 when we show off What to Wear: camping.

What would you wear wine tasting?

P.S. I am so in love with my new Value Village dress. I honestly can't say enough about it. It's so perfect. I love the fit. I love the pattern. I love the colours and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pockets.


  1. That is the perfect dress! And I bet Ian was super happy to help with this particular photo shoot. Amazing! (I wish I could join you!)

  2. Once again you rule the photo shoot! I love your concept here and that you went through with it surrounded by strangers, because that's always scary. That dress is really amazing. It seems like the perfect summer dress and it looks great on you. Plus I am a super fan of blue and yellow!

  3. I looove that dress! :) You look awesome as always.

  4. I love this dress as well :) I believe you are the queen of photo shoot ideas haha

  5. You are such a cutie and I love the photo shoot ideas you guys come up with! Way fun :-)

  6. Te he! The first photo made me giggle! I tried to take photos like this with Soldier Boy at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis last year, but we didn't have a ladder and since he was the photog and I'm not sure he shared my same vision, they were disastrous! I love the way yours turned out! Win a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses from Firmoo!

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  7. best photo shoot ever! these are so perfect for this prompt and it's a super cute outfit =)

  8. Haha love this picture! And yes that dress is perfect for you :) Awesome!

    <3 Megan

  9. I LOVE THIS DRESS. And dresses with pockets might be in my top 10 favourite things of all time. Also, I think it is hilarious that you posed as a drunkard with small children around you. :)