Friday, August 23, 2013

Craft it Forward 2.0

You-all might remember that months ago (in January) I participated in Craft it Forward. Remember? I crocheted five hats and sent them around the globe to five delightful women. If not, let me just say, I did that. Anyway, a little while back I put my name forward for a gorgeous handmade gift—pictured above on my hideously dirty work window—from Sarah over at Exploring Woods, so now I'm obligated to again craft it forward to five lucky ladies.

So here's the deal: the first five people to comment will get a special treat handcrafted by none other than me. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address and I'll be in contact with you shortly after to request your mailing address.

NOW, if you are going to comment, then that means you should also craft it forward to five other lucky ladies (or gents) who comment beneath your own craft it forward post, so the handmade goodness keeps on giving.

Deal? Awesome! Now comment away, my friends.

If you want to see what I received my first go-round and what I sent out, click here.

**And, of course, thanks Sarah for the awesome parcel. I have been using my hama bead square as a coaster at work and I have the vase hanging there, as well. I haven't yet put real flowers in, but I hope to do that before fall hits and all the flowers are dead. In the meantime, the fake flowers look gorgeous!**


  1. I want to join in! I seriously love this idea.

  2. I am so down for this! Craftiness FTW.

  3. I wanna join! I just happen to have an oversupply of [secret crafty supplies] that I definitely need to use up.

  4. Kayla Cooper is #4. She is having trouble commenting, so I'm doing it for her. Still one spot to go!

  5. I will be joining in! m I've got a ton of craft supplies ready to go! :D

  6. I'm number six....sad face.

    Allie //