Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fitz the Hugh

Have I ever told you I'm in a band? Somehow I think I've conveniently left that tid bit of information off the ol' blog. I'm not sure why, though, I mean, we're incredibly talented. We're called Fitz the Hugh, which is clever because all of the members, including myself, work at the Fitzhugh newspaper. Witty, right?

Anyway, the other day, we had our first-ever band photoshoot. I think this image, soon to be our CD art, perfectly captured the tone of our band. Did I mention we perform post voodoo folk rock.

Stay tuned for our first single, "I got salsa all over my chest."

Special thanks goes out to our photographer and guitarist, Jeremy, who so kindly stepped out of the spotlight to snap this spectacular pic.


  1. haha you never cease to amaze me <3

  2. That's cool! I want to hear your music now - totally intrigued!

    1. Oh Suki, we're not actually a band. This was sarcasm to the max. Ha.