Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Glasses kick: three new pairs!

I've been dying to buy new glasses for months, but for some reason the prospect of calling my optometrist to find out my prescription was enough to hold me back for all this time. Then something clicked on Monday and I said, 'Screw it! I need me some new specs, even if it means awkwardly picking up the phone for 30 seconds to give someone my name and fax number.' (Note: I do not own a fax machine. This is not 1990, folks. My work, on the other hand, does have one and yes, I do use it for personal matters from time to time. And YES, that is totally A-O-K. STOP JUDGING ME!)

So anyway, I made the call, I gave out 'my' fax number and within two minutes I had my prescription in my hand while my other hand was navigating a mouse to Firmoo. Now, of course, you-all know Firmoo as they have done ENDLESS giveaways on blogs and they have likely hounded you, as they have done me, to host such giveaways and make money off of glasses sales. But don't let such annoyances get in your way of you clicking your way over there, because, you know what, you get your first pair free... and after that, there are frames as cheap as $8 up for grabs. That's right, EIGHT FREAKING DOLLARS. Yeah, there's no denying that one of my three pairs was on sale for $8. Best purchase ever? Well, I guess we'll see when they arrive.

So what do you think of my selections? Did I do you proud?

***If my slight against Firmoo's bothersome, never-ending emails didn't make things clear, let me just say that this post is full of my unsolicited (well, they were solicited, but I didn't gain from such solicitation, as I didn't respond to a single email) opinions. I'll let you know if I'm still satisfied when these babies arrive in my mailbox.***


  1. Oh my goodness Firmoo and their darn giveaway emails. I did a couple giveaways with them and it was not the most pleasant of experiences. They still email me four times a month wanting to do a giveaway or review to which I just copy back the same message saying no thank you. I am beginning to believe that "Antonio" is more than one person haha!

    Love the glasses you picked out!

  2. Great frame choices! The tortoise pair is my favorite, I just bought some tortoise frames from Bonlook and right before purchasing saw an ad for Firmoo but was already pretty set on the pair from Bonlook. I would love to know your opinion of them once they arrive. Its so exciting getting glasses in the mail!

  3. You should try zenni optical too! They don't hound you at all, glasses are about the same price, and I've ordered 4 times, and they're always awesome :)