Friday, August 2, 2013

Rafting down memory lane

On this day last year, Ian and I went out for lunch with our pal Sam. While we were enjoying our delicious meals, we got on the topic of our weekend plans. Almost immediately we found out Sam's were significantly more exciting than ours; he was about to drink beers, sing songs and raft down the Kootenay River for three days. Ian and I were instantly jealous—emotions we didn't hide well. So, before we knew it, Sam was on the phone arranging for us to join the crew. A year later and we're on the invite list—not the last minute one, the one for cool kids.


I'm seriously losing my mind with excitement right now. I cannot wait to get back on the water. I cannot wait to drink in the sunshine. I cannot wait to crawl into my tent and sleeping bag and to cook every meal over the fire. Seriously, this is going to be a RAD weekend. I promise to report back with more photos and tales when we return. I'll be away from the computer until Tuesday, so don't panic when I don't post on Monday.


Happy long weekend everyone. I hope you have equally as exciting plans, and if not, 
just hijack your friend's adventure. It worked out for us.


  1. Yay! this is an amazing weekend plan! I'm pretty jealous, even though my weekend plans include daytime karaoke this looks awesome

  2. eating and playing music and sleeping outdoors is somehow infinitely better! how is that?

    enjoy :)