Friday, August 9, 2013

Rafting! (photos galore)

Here they are, folks! A few photos from our epic adventure down the Kootenay River last weekend. This was our second year taking part in Captain Dave's annual raft trip. He's being taking his kids down the river for the past 20-some years and last year we were graciously invited along, and now we've been invited for life. Not a bad deal, if I do say so myself!

This year was just as amazing as last. In fact, in some ways I would say it was even better (if that's possible!). This time I knew what to expect, so I was able to leave the mandatory first-time-butterflies at home, and I knew what to pack and what not to pack so I was prepared for any weather.

This is the island where we slept the first night. Ian and I picked a quiet little spot for our tent. It was sitting close to the river so when we finally hit the hay, we were lulled to sleep by its rushing sounds.

This was our view when we woke up the next morning. Ah nature! Now, if that didn't make you jealous, wait until you see my breakfast. Om nom nom...

Seriously, these people know how to prepare campfire food. There wasn't a hot dog in sight the whole weekend. There weren't even marshmallows. And who needs them when you have a gourmet meal three times a day? I sure didn't. If I had to pick, I'd say my favourite meal was our lunch on day two. We had this amazing carrot ginger soup and sandwiches with roasted vegetables, goat cheese and rare roast beef. Now that's good eating!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. We had rain on day two, but it came at the perfect moment as we were all standing around our lunch time fire, warming up with bowls of soup. We had gorgeous sunshine and I managed to get away with a tan rather than a burn (yay for remembering sunscreen!). We enjoyed the vocal cords and picking fingers of Ian and Mishelle, who each took turns serenading us as we made our way down the river. We shared laughs around the campfire and took dips in the ice cold water.

For me, trips like this one are what make life worth living. I just love spending time with great people, drinking beers in the sunshine, getting wet, sleeping in my tent, getting dirty, smelling of campfire, singing along to good tunes and eating delicious food. Seriously this raft trip encompasses all the great things in life and I am so thankful that I've been invited along the last couple of years. It's just too good to miss.

Have you ever been rafting?


  1. I HAVE! It was out in the Carolinas with my Aunt who lives just outside Atlanta. We had a past though my legs were freezing cold from the rapids. Shorts seemed appropriate for a July trip. Apparently I was wrong. so very, very wrong.

  2. I've never been rafting, but this looks like a blast! I was kind of hoping we'd get to go camping this summer, but we haven't really had much time to get away!

  3. So much fun! Being in the outdoors really does make you appreciate life, I just got back from a night of camping and paddling at sunrise and I feel so rejuvenated. Yay nature!

  4. This looks beyond amazing! I would love to go rafting someday

  5. Oh my gosh that food looks AMAZING!!! I've never been rafting-but I'd love to someday!

  6. Yes, luckily I have. This couple invited my husband and I last year to raft on the Snake River. They invited us this year too. I need to know what kind of food is easy and tastes good on camping trips so I can contribute. Roasted veggies and roast beef sounds delicious. I'll have to find a recipe for the ginger carrot soup.

  7. Damn, that campfire food is better than my home cooked stuff! Still have yet to go rafting myself, but it looks like hella fun!

  8. ooh, that looks like a lot of fun. i've never been rafting myself, but i'd love to do it one day.

    xoxo, Oleah

  9. That is basically my dream of a good camping time^^
    And I've never been rafting, but it is on my list of things I want to do in life quite on the top^^