Thursday, August 8, 2013

What to Wear: in a thunderstorm

We have been having plenty of thunderstorms around my parts lately, in fact, we even had one while we were out rafting last weekend. I don't think I've ever been afraid of storms, but I can see why you might be. They are mighty powerful and the rumbling of the thunder sure is ominous.

When I dress for a thunderstorm, I think of practicality. I pull out a raincoat and my rubber boots and off I go. Now, that is of course, if I'm not avoiding the rain by opting to hang out in my PJs with a good book or movie. (I think a storm is the best excuse for a lazy day in. Don't you?)

Ian and I had hoped to do something super creative and hilarious for this prompt (think a rain slicker and buckets of water), but I couldn't get my hands on the perfect rain suit, nor did we have the time with all of the rafting and working we've been doing the last five days. Oh well, when we're back with What to Wear to a music festival on Aug. 22, maybe we'll pull a rabbit out of the hat for all of you.

What's your go-to thunderstorm outfit?


  1. I love the scarf! I actually have the same rain boots =p this is the perfect practical outfit for a storm!

  2. I love the red boots! I'm not afraid of storms either but the cats are definitely not happy with me for opening the doors during them. But it's the only time to get fresh air in the house during AZ summers. Why can't they understand that?? Can't wait to hear more about your rafting trip- looks so fun!

  3. I like you cute but practical outfit; perfect for puddle jumping! I need some new galoshes since mine have cracks in them now, and they're NOT waterproof anymore. :P