Friday, September 20, 2013

Beauty skies

This is Moose Lake. It's located right outside of Jasper, over the British Columbia border, and it is freaking beautiful. No joke, for months I dreamed of dipping my paddle into this gorgeous body of water and, finally, I made it happen a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect end to the most amazing day with my pals. We ate together, we laughed together and then we paddled and bushwhacked together.

It's days like this one that will make me miss the summer. But, as we move into fall I have a whole whack of other things to look forward to: mushroom hunting (you'll hear more about that tomorrow!), sweater wearing, pumpkin pie latte drinking, photo adventuring and leaf crunching.

What are you looking forward to about fall?


  1. God damnit that's gorgeous. *envious for days*

  2. Wow those photos are stunning! I've been to Jasper a few times but never Moose Lake... will need to make sure I make a detour next time :) Have a great weekend! ~Stephanie

  3. I can't wait for boots and crunchy leaves, but I'll settle for the weather getting below 90 degrees in Texas!

  4. Gorgeous photos - it looks stunning there! :)

  5. These photos are gorgeous! Mountains are so beautiful, and the color of that sky...just perfect! I've been to that side of the continent only once, to go to Vancouver, and it was breathtaking. I kept stopping to take pictures of everything, haha.

  6. mmhhhmm.. loverly! Getting into nature - back to nature - is always such a refreshment isn't it? I love a good hike in the woods when we get them, but a nice paddle with that view would be glorious! I'm eagerly embracing fall here.. love FALL! Campfires too.. don't forget campfires. :o)
    Cozy hugs your way pal,
    needle and nest

  7. This photos are AMAZING! I love the reflection in the first on especially!

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons