Wednesday, September 18, 2013



For the last month and a half, every spare moment has been devoted to Breaking Bad—not because I haven't seen it before, but because I wanted to REALLY savour the last few episodes by first watching the entire series again. But now, Ian and I are just beginning the fifth season and the last episode is just about to air, and I am terrified of spoilers. I seriously avoid Twitter and Facebook on Sunday nights and even Monday mornings in an effort to stay totally and completely oblivious...

But at the same time, I'm so bloody curious that there's a teeny tiny piece of me that wants to sneak a quick peek, not enough to ruin everything, but just enough to know I'm in for something good.

So friends, please, tell me this one thing: is it good? And just how good is it? Is it kind of good, but not all it was hyped up to be like the last season of Arrested Development or is it totally and completely amazeballs?

Fill me in, but, please, no spoilers!


  1. It's REALLY good this final season. I would say last week's episode (GAH I WANT TO SAY EVERYTHING) was one of the best of the entire series. I can't wait for the final two.

  2. Completely, totally amazeballs. You still have such a ride ahead!

  3. Don't peek! Trust me - it is amazing. Breaking Bad would never disappoint you.

  4. I did not know it was the last season! Finally. I've been avoiding it until it was all over so I can just power through it all.
    And I actually got your package last week. :) I'm pretty excited to do it up because it's not a thing I've ever done and new craftiness is always fun! But I think I'm gonna wait to fill it out until my head's less of a mess. Always better to remember the good things rather than the bad. :P

  5. Oh my goodness it's so good! Ahh! I don't want it to be over so quickly but at the same time I need to know how it's going to end like now!

  6. Don't cheat even though I know it's hard, it will be worth it! It's so good/intense. We usually wait until the end of a season to marathon it but didn't want it to be ruined by Twitter so we've been watching every week :) I kinda wish I would've re-watched them all too- so much I know I've forgotten.