Friday, September 6, 2013

Captain Condom and Dental Damsel

It's time to come clean about yesterday's baby shower outfit...

Truth be told, I don't actually have a Captain Condom costume laying around waiting for the perfect occasion. (Man do I ever wish I did!) But I do have friends who work for an organization that just happens to own said costume, as well as the phenomenal "Dental Damsel" costume you see being modeled by my pal Mishelle.

That same organization also has a poster campaign each year titled "Safe is Sexy", so after looking through the fruits of our photoshoot labours yesterday, I decided Mishelle and I—aka Captain Condom and Dental Damsel—should definitely have some of our own posters. Here's what I came up with:

And here are some examples of the organization's real posters. They're pretty great!

Jasper-style Jersey Shore. I hate the show, but the posters are pretty hilarious!


  1. I think you and Mishelle should audition for their next ad campaign. Dorky is sexy too!

  2. What a neat PSA series! Those costumes make me feel vaguely uncomfortable in the best way. haha