Thursday, September 12, 2013

Consumed by state license plates

About a month ago Ian started a little challenge to take a photo of every state license plate. The stipulation, of course, is the photo has to be taken in Jasper. It's not like we can hop in the car and drive through the US and take photos of license plates in their own state. That would just be far too easy, right? Plus it would cost a butt ton of money and time, and our way is a heck of a lot more fun.

Anyway, about a week in, I decided to join the challenge, turning it into a competition to see who can collect them all. So far I have more than 20. I think Ian is likely in the 30s. (Don't judge, he had a head start!!)

My most surprising find so far is Hawaii. I mean how did that person even get their car here? Give that one some thought, would ya?

Ever since we started this little challenge, I have been keenly aware of each and every car that drives past. I stop my friends as we're walking, so I can crouch down and grab a shot. I yell in the car when I see one I don't have. I've pulled over and hopped out of the car just to grab a photo. I'M OBSESSED. This is seriously the best game ever.

Do you ever create your own little games to keep yourself entertained and your brain working?


  1. Okay this sounds like so much fun. Must bring this up so I can kick some butt! hahaha

    I really love the Hawaii. I've never seen one before! So crazy.

  2. Oh! I do this too! Except it's with personalized plates. I'll share a bunch on my blog soon! :D

  3. Heyyyy New Mexico! :) That looks like my license plate. I see very few NM plates outside of the state though interestingly.

  4. I get so happy when I see other license plates here, because people look at mine and go WHY ARE YOU HERE? And ask me weird questions. :/ One person asked my boyfriend (who also has a washington plate) if he was sad all the time. Which he followed up with because I don't know.. it rains a lot. Eh??

  5. I will never forget the time I saw an Alaska and a Hawaii in the same parking lot... and I live in New Hampshire. I wondered the same thing, just... how did you GET here??

  6. so funny..oddly though its something i have ALWAYS looked at. any time i see an out of state plate i always make up random stories as to why they are where ever i am. it usually the same states over rand over though - here i see tons of massachusetts and new jersey plates - those seem to be the most frequent, i always get excited when i see a west coast state and i wonder if they drove all this way, or if they were slackers and just had their car shipped hahah


  7. This is such a fun idea! I can drive up to visit if you still need an Arizona plate... ;) So this is super dorky but we used to road trip a lot in the summer for my dad'a business and I would frantically WRITE DOWN all the license plates I would see on the road. I started with out of state but then started obsessively filling notebooks with them all. I probably could've helped solve a crime.