Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crab apple crumble

I bet after yesterday's post you were wondering, "what do you do with a basket full of wee little crab apples?" Well, let me tell you... you grab your friends, some knives and cutting boards and you core and core and core some more until you have a big pot full of apple slices, perfect for filling a traditional English crumble.

1. Put the apple slices in a pot with two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of sugar and a wee bit of water and reduce them down, stirring occasionally.
2. While the apples are on the stove, mix the flour and sugar together and then cut in the butter until you have a course mixture.
3. Put apples on the bottom of a baking pan (optional, but delicious, add blackberries) and top with crumble mixture.
4. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown.
5. Leave the crumble to sit for five minutes before serving.
6. Don't forget the ice cream!

Do you have a go-to crab apple recipe?


  1. I love crumble! I have two crab apples recipes on my blog this week too! You have inspired me to make a crumble now, yummy!

  2. YUM! while today is insanely hot here in NY (over 90 and HUMID) i am soooo ready for fall..and apples..and apple crisps..yours looks so yummy! will have to try out - i swear this will be the year i actually go apple picking


  3. I keep seeing crab apples while orienteering, so no picking for me! I wonder if I can find a U-Pick close by that will help a girl out. This looks delicious, by the way.

  4. Holy moly that looks incredible! I don't think I've ever had crab apples before but this recipe is making me want to go out and find some! Also your crab apple picking outfit was beyond adorable!

  5. My mother-in-law makes a really yummy apple sauce from crab apples! I love it.

  6. So what's the mesurments for the apples in the recipe?

  7. How many cups of apples for this recipe?