Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What to Wear: apple picking

This post could also be called, why I love living in a small town.

On Saturday I was out on assignment, taking a photo of a cheque presentation, when a community member mentioned she had a surplus of crab apples that she was looking to get rid. So, being a lover of fall and fall activities, I pounced on the opportunity and invited my girlfriends (and my friend Brad) to join me for a Sunday morning pick.

While getting dressed for this little adventure, I looked out the window and found beautiful sunshine, so I went with a dress and my favourite cardigan. I bought the dress a couple of years ago when I was living in Yellowknife. I found it in this little church thirft shop for $2! I am still in love with it to this day. The cardigan, as you should all well know, is from Value Village. I dread the day when I shrink it or wreck it in any way. It's the perfect colour, the perfect shape and the perfect material. I wish I had the same one in every colour of the rainbow.

Be sure to pop in tomorrow to see what we did with all of our delicious apples. Let's just say, we took away their tartness and made them into something scrumptious.

What's your go-to apple picking outfit?


  1. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, I'm definitely going to try and find out where I can go apple picking near me. Love these photos, and love that shade of red on you xo

  2. Alas I do not yet have a go to apple picking outfit because I have never gone apple picking! You guys looked like you had a blast though. I will look for a place to go near Edmonton.

  3. unfortunately I don't yet have a specific apple picking outfit organised, your is very cute though and it looks like a lovely thing to be doing with friends
    did you make scrumpy?

  4. Cute as apple pie you are! What a cheery sweater too... glad you're finding all the fun and sweetness that corner of the world has for you, miss you!
    needle and nest

  5. You look super cute! :) I can't wait to go apple picking!

  6. Pardon my geography but I still am not sure where Jasper is??? But I love you picking apples in a skirt and sweater. I can tell you are a creative and demonstrative person, a kin to myself, well in some circles. Hey, nice to meet you and to follow you ALWAYS! ♥

  7. I've never been apple picking! We should bring the kids, it would be so much fun! I love this outfit too... going to pin it to our board!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  8. oh so cute!! perfect apple picking outfit !Thanks so much for linking with passion for fashion, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xx