Friday, October 4, 2013

My girls—saying goodbye

Jasper is a transient town. I have said goodbye to more amazing people during my two years here than I have in any other place I've lived. It's not because the place doesn't warrant a long-term commitment. It's because for most people it's just a stop on the journey. It's a place to work a mindless job for four months, before moving on to the next destination. That's the case for most of my pals. So on Monday I yet again bid farewell to a group of amazing people. The ladies directly to my left, Nikki and Courtney, are off on their next adventures. Nikki is Saskatoon-bound, while Courtney is off to Australia with her amazeballs boyfriend, Brad.

Shortly, Mishelle, my bestie in town (pictured second from the left), will also be leaving. I have one month left before she jets off to Victoria. Left behind in all of this transition is Julie-Ann (far left) and me. We keep joking that we can't wait to spend the winter together, as it will surely be the winter of Nicole and Julie-Ann.

Last month, I also said goodbye to two other great friends, Sarah and Ryan. Sarah was the reporter at the Fitzhugh and Ryan is her boyfriend. They are both amazing people, who I miss dearly around these parts.

I have to say, it's hard constantly saying goodbye and starting over again. I have gone through a few groups of friends in the last two years. It's tiring. I'm tired of missing people. I'm tired of feeling lonely while I rebuild my world and I'm tired of putting myself out there only to say goodbye a few months later. It's a weird life, living in tourist town. But it is the life I've chosen and there are so many great parts about it. I mean, every morning I get to walk up to the mountains and elk walking down the street. I get to ski all winter long and go out on snowshoe adventures. In the summer, I get to swim in clean lakes and hike gorgeous trails. Although I can complain about my revolving door of friends, I definitely can't complain about the life I live in this here town. 

So, here's to the winter of Julie-Ann and Nicole!


  1. I live in a university town, so I can relate. While husband got his undergrad ... and master's ... and is working on his Ph.D. here, we've had friends graduate, move here and away for work, and we know that within the next year some good friends will be moving across the country. I don't like how transient it is, but I know that eventually, we'll be the ones leaving too. And I have mixed feelings about that.

  2. I just blabbed my thoughts out in an e-mail. Check it!

  3. Hey I know some of those fine ladies! Sorry you are saying goodbye, but maybe there will be a couch in an exotic location in your future thanks to these friendships! You will always have me close by dearie, until you are the one leaving Jasper. Sad face.

  4. Falling into a lovely community only to keep saying goodbye is definitely one of the hardest/biggest annoyances in life. I completely relate to the tired of missing everyone and at points feeling disconnected no matter where you are becoming someone/something is missing. Thanks for this beautiful and truthful post!