Thursday, October 3, 2013

What to Wear: polka dots edition

After last edition of what to wear, when we dressed for a book store, I realized I made a HORRIBLE mistake. I wore my ONLY piece of polka dot clothing—aside from a fancy dress—leaving myself with nothing to wear for this prompt.

Then I realized, my go-to tote, the one that I've been carrying everywhere, just happens to be covered in hand-stamped polka dots. Victory! Huge thanks to Laura over at Lauryn Green for the tote. I won it in a giveaway months ago and it's finally make its blog debut.

Head to toe:
Glasses: Firmoo
Earrings: No idea. They've been in rotation for 10 years.
Sweater: Walmart
Pants: Gap, but I got them at Value Village
Scarf: Value Village
Tote: Lauryn Green
Shoes: Ardenes 

This is an outfit that I wore to work. I love fall colours, so my wardrobe is made for this season. I just got my hands on this sweater and already I've worn it a few times. I love the colour and I love pairing it with bright, festive scarves. Versatility! I can dig it.

I took these photos on the top of Whistlers Mountain. My brother surprised me this week. He found out he would be working an hour away from Jasper, so he made the trip to my little mountain town yesterday. I took off from work an hour early to spend some quality time with him and we ended up taking the tramcar up to the top of the mountain, where there is already SNOW! Can you believe it? I noticed it on the mountain tops about a week ago now. It's absolutely crazy. It's only October!

Although not wearing polka dots, my brother is also a pretty stylish thinker. Check him out:

Do you have a favourite piece of polka dot clothing that you'd like to share? Link up with us. We'd love to see what you've put together. Otherwise, why don't you join us on Oct. 17 when we show you our go-to outfits for a movie night?


  1. I love polka dots! It's a bit embarrassing how many polka dot outfits I have... and our glasses have polka dots.

  2. Suuuper cute! Very professional looking, but stylish at the same time. I can't believe you have snow already; gah!

  3. That tote is super adorable! And I love the outfit.
    But oh boy seeing that snow makes me shiver!

  4. I miss snow! And pretty much all cooler weather at this point since in DC it's been 85* all week >.<....

  5. That bag looks pretty awesome, lucky win! My wardrobe definitely feels like it's made for fall. Kind of towards the end of fall and an almost-winter feel, so I dig what you're saying.

  6. Love that bag- what a lucky win! Your photos are so gorgeous, it almost looks fake :)

  7. Snow! We had frost on the grass and cars this morning, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was a little bit excited! If I wasn't completely familiar with what it looks like on the top of Whistlers, I would have thought you were standing in front of a painting or a green screen. I am glad you got to hang out with your brother!

  8. Huge huge huge fan of polka dots! What a beautiful place you live in! Absolutely stunning! xx

  9. WOW. what a view! must've felt amazing to stand up there. also, i love your scarf :) x

  10. woah the views!! amazing! i love the hand stamped bag, that is sooo cool!!
    there's a £50 asos voucher giveaway on the blog today with the link up too, would love for you to come join in xxx