Monday, November 11, 2013

Craft fair prep

For the last week, I have been crocheting like a mad woman, trying to prepare for a little craft fair that is quickly approaching. I participated in the same one last year and sold every one of my headbands, so I'm trying my best to make as many as humanly possible before Nov. 22.
So far I've completed nine headbands and 15 toques. I'd love to get up to 20 headbands, but realistically, I'll probably call it a day at 15.

Having a fair to prepare for is such a good excuse to turn all of my downtime into crochet time. I have been enjoying it so much. I even took Saturday night off from socializing to stay in for some hooking and Project Runway Australia. What better way to relax than bad reality TV, right?

Are you participating in any craft fairs this Christmas season? What are you whipping up?


  1. I love crochet and bad tv, feels like an essential mix, good luck with your fair

  2. Does your wrist ever get sore? I've been doing so much knitting and crocheting of late (not for a craft fair but for making patterns) and while knitting tends to affect my shoulder a little bit, crocheting for long periods of time just kills my hand & wrist. Hopefully you are not experiencing the same thing with all your headbands, I'm impressed with the volume! :D