Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meet Evander

As I said yesterday, I spent the weekend getting acquainted with my new nephew, Evander. He is my sister's first baby (and likely her last) and he is probably the cutest little man in the world. Well, he is at least on par with my other two nephews, Isaiah and Eligh.

Now, let me just say, I'm not a baby person and I don't want any of my own, like EVER. But it's pretty cool being an aunty. It gives me an excuse to crochet cute little toques and blankets (like the ones pictured above) and I get to learn all about baby things and kid things that I otherwise would know nothing about. Like, for instance, I now know that I need to crochet baby hats larger than you might expect, so that they're easy to pull on without pushing that nasty soft spot on the back of a baby's head. (Ick!) And because of my other nephews who are now six and five, I know about Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman... and I also know that when a kid says, "Look what I can do..." it's exactly like watching Stuart on MADtv. Seriously, that request means, I'm going to flail around a bit and do nothing of any interest, but because I'm a kid it's still cute or at the very least funny.

Ah yes, the life of an aunty. It's pretty grand, I tell you.


  1. lol, We're always quoting Stuart here. "I'm not hurt, I'm just startled."

    Your nephew is adorable, and so chic in that pumpkin hat. :-)

  2. bahah.. you are one funny Aunt ~ a sweet one to drive and crochet all that way too! I laugh at your 'no babies EVER' perspective tho.. dreaming up that some day you'll have 5 and be all like 'what the what?!' I never used to want them either.. now at almost 3 it's a crazy wild wonderful ride! lol
    needle and nest

  3. He is absolutely adorable! Love that blanket and pumpkin hat as well!

  4. Hahaha you are my favourite. He's a sweetheart. The soft-spot-on-the-head thing is terrifying. That is all.

  5. He is just the cutest little muffin ever. Hope you have a blast being the best auntie ever :)