Friday, December 13, 2013

Life in pictures: the holidays

1. We had a week of between -30C and -40C weather, so my Canada Goose parka made an a few appearances. I had forgotten just how warm that beast of a coat actually is, and I was so grateful to have it for my cold walks to work. If you've never experienced -40C, let me give you some context...
When you walk outside, your nose hair immediately freezes, giving you a weird tingling sensation. In about five minutes, if you have watery eyes like me, your eye lashes will also be frozen and the longer you spend in the cold, the thicker the frost will get. It's definitely the kind of weather you need long johns and goose down for.

2. Ian's work was about to throw out an old Scrabble set because it was missing some letters, but he couldn't have such waste of a perfectly good craft supply, so he brought the letters home and made this little poem(?) that now hangs in our bathroom. I've read it so many times now that I have it memorized.

3. LISA CAME TO VISIT! Guys, I love this girl. She's the best. And she was here for three whole days. We had the best visit, and part of that visit included attending a wine and cheese party at a cute little shop in town. While we were there, Lisa picked up this fierce blazer that makes her look totally amazeballs.

4. If you're not Canadian, these tickets mean NOTHING to you. But if you are Canadian you're probably peeing your pants with jealousy right now. Well, that is if you grew up listening to CBC radio, anyway. That's right! I'm going to see the one and only Stuart McLean, the greatest storyteller on the planet. I'm seriously losing it with excitement!

5. Ian's work Christmas party was on Sunday and there was a photobooth, but no props... so, we snagged this statue out of the coatroom and got a little silly.

6. Fancy that, there was a photobooth (the same one, in fact) at the Christmas party on Friday, as well, so Lisa, Mishelle and I went nuts.. and this time there were plenty of props to choose from.

7. I pulled out my Christmas ornaments and decorations on Sunday, but I don't yet have a tree, so they've been taunting me ever since. Tree hunting will commence this weekend!

8. While out for a walk at Jasper Park Lodge on Sunday, we came across a broken wasps nest. It was pretty neat to feel just how light nests are and to look inside.

9. Lisa and I made an amazing gingerbread train on Saturday. I'll show you more photos of our masterpiece tomorrow. Stay tuned, folks.

So, that's life lately. What's up with all of you?

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  1. I hope you enjoy Stuart McLean! I don't know that much about him but it sounds like allot of fun when I looked it up. The scramble poem is a fantastic idea!! Good luck with your tree hunt!

  2. I love Ian's poem. It's something interesting to read while "taking care of business"...ahem...

    That's my face! Like, a bunch of times!! I had so much fun last weekend. Thanks for the photos you've sent so far.

    Everything is wonderful, and I would say more, but I should really get *some* work done today...

  3. Eeeeee so much fun and hilarity! McLean was in town here a couple weeks ago too.. I was kicking myself to have not known he would be... grrrrr! Glad you're having fun in the face of some bitter cold out there - and you still look hot about it. ;o)
    needle and nest

  4. Love these photos, what a fun post! :)

    <3 Megan