Thursday, December 26, 2013

What to Wear: Christmas dinner

Merry day-after-Christmas, folks. I hope everyone overindulged and had an amazing food baby at the end of the day yesterday. I know for a fact that I did!!

Ian and I spent the day in a blanket fort, as has become tradition around these parts. Said tradition started last year and is now something we intend to keep around. Ian's not much for holidays, especially Christmas, so a blanket fort is a nice compromise: we get to have a cozy day, tucked away in our own little cave, while day drinking, eating delicious treats and watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000. With such a chill celebration, my Christmas dinner outfit consists of the coziest of cozy outfits.

From top to bottom: 
Glasses: Firmoo (they arrived on Christmas eve!!)
Scarf: Old Navy
Sweater: Walmart
Tights: Ardenes
Socks: Ardenes
Slippers: Gift from Ian's talented sister 

What did you wear for Christmas dinner? Show us your festive outfit by linking up below, or join us next time, on Jan. 9, when we show off our best layered outfits. Happy holidays, friends.


  1. A blanket fort?? That sounds like such a fun way to spend the holiday! I love your leggings- I have some similar ones that I have been living in this winter. Happy Holidays to you as well!

  2. i'm proudly been wrapped in the comfort of my pyjamas. and blanket. haha.

  3. Hey Secret Santa! The stalking you did on my blog paid off. Your gifts arrived on Christmas eve and were absolutely perfect! The big red owl fits right into my collection. :)

    Your lounging outfit rocks. I'm a little jealous that you got to hang out in a blanket fort and waste the day away. I mean, I like what I did for Christmas with family and stuff, but your idea sounds really fun, too. And your choice of movie is superb. I love MST3K as well!

  4. "He triiied to kill me with a forklift!" MST3K is always a good idea. :-)