Monday, January 6, 2014

Catching up with my memories

After many months of neglect, my Project Life binder got a hefty dose of love and attention over the holidays. In fact, it got enough love to make up six months worth of spreads!! Yeah, it's fair to say, I was behind.

Catching up was a big endeavour, but boy does it feel good to have (nearly) a year of memories together in one place. At times I hated this project, but then I would look to Kayla's blog and see the amazing work she was doing and the joy she was finding in it and my desire to complete a full year of spreads was reignited. So, here I am, with one full year of memories (minus two weeks—I'm waiting on London Drugs!) that I'll be able to look back on for years to come. It truly is the best keepsake I have ever made. There are inside jokes that I would have otherwise forgotten. There are photos of moments, that although mundane then, seem delightful now. There are my high points, like becoming editor of the Fitzhugh or finding out my big sister was pregnant, and there are the low points, like floundering and wondering if I'd have a job at the end of the month.

I think it's important—just like with this space—to keep it real when capturing memories. Nothing is perfect and everyday in my mountain life isn't sunshine and roses, so including those rough days is a way of chronicling my real life and a way of reminding myself that it's OK to have bad days. I think, by being honest in my binder, I have captured exactly what 2013 dished out, and I think when I'm old and grey, I'll appreciate that truthfulness.

In other news, despite the growing pains with this Project Life business, I plan to undertake it again this year. BUT, there will be one big difference: I've decided to put less pressure on myself to do a spread every week. I found that constraint stressful and because it was stressful, I found myself staying away from the project. So, instead of feeling pressure to follow the "rules," I'm going to try to make it a bi-monthly habit to print pictures. At that time, I'll sit down and do as many spreads as are needed to capture those memories. It will be more like a regular scrapbook, but with the Project Life photo pockets and journaling cards. I think that will not only be less stressful, it will also be more enjoyable. So, here's to another year of memory keeping!

Did you partake in Project Life this year? 
Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Your spreads are so pretty! I totally love your use of color; it fits your photos and personality perfectly. :) Again, I'm so glad you're doing it again in 2014 and under your own terms -- I look forward to seeing what you do!