Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Swoon-worthy Project Life spreads

This woman puts my Project Life spreads to shame. Each and everyone she does is a piece of art. They're so intricate. I love everything about her style. Now, having said that, I am far too simple a lady to put that much time and effort into each spread. As you might recall from my last PL post, I'm trying to take the stress out of this project, not put more pressure on. Even so, I do love looking at these over the top pages as inspiration. I mean, I could totally incorporate one or two of her techniques into my book, without finding myself too anxiety ridden.

Now, for something a little more understated:

I was drawn to this spread because it uses the same core kit that I purchased in Edmonton a few months back. I have really enjoyed the colours and options in it and it's really nice to see how someone else has put it to use. I also like how clean this spread is. There is very little to it, but it flows beautifully.

I LOVE this holiday spread. Oh my gosh, it is so perfect in every way. I love the colour scheme. I love the Christmas accents. I love that it looks simple, yet there are still a number of intricate details. It's perfection... although, if it were me, I would likely add more journaling cards with my own little messages.

I found myself stopping on this spread because of its natural feel, with all of the brown tones. I also like that it feels a bit vintage, with the filters on the photos and the cream coloured cards. It's so simple and elegant.

And then there's Kayla's spreads. For me, she always seems to strike the perfect balance with the colours, journaling cards, photos and add ons she uses. I really like the colours in this one and I like the mixture of black and white photos and colour photos. I haven't experimented in that way yet and I think that will be something I pick up in 2014.

Now, last, but certainly not least, here is a spread by Lisa—the amazing lady who first introduced me to Project Life. There are number of things in Lisa's spreads that I always enjoy. There is generally always a goofy, hilarious photo—in this case two. She also uses some of her own art work as journaling cards or accents, which I think is really rad. And, in this spread and in others, she uses digital text on her photos. That's another thing I'd like to try this year.

So, there you have it, some of my inspiration for 2014.
Do you have any tips or inspiring Project Lifers that I should check out?


  1. I'm always in awe when I get a peek at people's Project Life inserts! These are quite lovely!

  2. Dude, I love you.

    The first one looks like a digital spread.

    I need to figure out how to photograph my spreads without getting that DAMN GLARE off the page protectors. Kayla...any tips? ;)

    P.S. I love you.

    1. Oy, glare is the worst. I just play with different angles and different windows... and different times of day. I fuss like crazy over the glare, and sometimes there is just no way around it. I've heard of some people literally taking the pictures and cards OUT of the pockets and photographing them on top of the page protector, but for some reason that feels like cheating :x

      Leave it to me to fuss and grumble over different camera angles to the point of sheer frustration rather than "cheat" by just taking the damn pictures out of the pockets. I'm... a unique individual.

  3. P.S. How's 2014 coming for you so far??

  4. AW SHUCKS, lady, thank you!! :) I am so excited to see what you do for 2014. <3