Saturday, January 4, 2014

The fort

In an earlier post, I mentioned Ian and I spent Christmas day in a blanket fort and then I forgot to show you the amazingness that was our fort. So, here for you today, is a photo of it in all of its glory.

In case you weren't around these parts last Christmas, building a fort for the holidays became a tradition last year. Ian and I were spending our days off in Jasper, rather than traveling to see family, so we decided, rather than being glum, we would get cozy, watch Terminator movies, drink beers—which we stored in a mini beer cooler in our fort—and overindulge on cookies from his mom. The day (or three) that we spent in our cocoon was so fun that we decided to do it again this year.

And this fort was by far our best yet—(we've built three so far). Last year, you could sit on the couch, but the blankets were a bit low for Ian, so his head always seemed to be touching the "ceiling." So this year, we made things a bit more luxurious, by clamping the blankets to the robot painting that hangs above the couch. With the added room, this year's fort was so large that at one point there were four people inside, eating spaghetti and meatball pizza, drinking beer and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ahhh the holidays! So glutinous and wonderful.

Note: Like last year, the blankets stayed in place for four or five days 
before we had the heart to take them down. 
"Until next year, fort. Until next year."

Have you built a blanket fort lately? If not, I recommend you give it a go.


  1. Oh wow that looks and sounds amazing - I so want to build a blanket fort!

  2. Amazing tradition you guys have started!! A few years ago some friends and I basically turned the whole living room into a giant fort with a hookah in the middle - perhaps a slight fire hazard but at the time was our incredible genius invention. I think I'm adding 'building a fort' to this years resolutions because of your post!

  3. I love this and you've inspired me to add on to my Christmas traditions next year! The whole fort just looks so fun and cozy - especially since it got its own twinkle lights!