Thursday, January 9, 2014

What to Wear: layers

I love the fall and winter because the cold temperatures call for lots of layers and cozy clothes. For me, that means all of the cardigans in my closet are in heavy rotation, as are my scarves and leg warmers. As things stand, I have more cardigans and scarves than anything else in my closet, so it's no wonder why I'm keen on the cold.

From top to bottom:
Earrings: Craft market in Kelowna
Glasses: Firmoo (they're new!)
Scarf: Value Village
Cardigan: Walmart
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle
Leg Warmers: Ardenes
Shoes: Winners

How do you layer up for fall and winter weather? Do you have specific items in your closet that are the perfect layering pieces? Then, why not show us by linking up below. The What to Wear ladies would love to see what you've put together.

If you can't join us this week, then come back on Jan. 23 when we dress for a cozy night in. See you then!


  1. Legwarmers! Bright scarf! I love it! I really put layers to shame this week because as much as I love them, it's been 70º+ around these parts. I did my best :) You rock this wintery look!

  2. Stop being so adorable. Just stop it.

    Love the earrings. Love that you can put your hair in a big top knot (& I bet you love it too!).

    Happy Jasper in January!

  3. I love your earrings! Scarves are my favorite accessory too.

  4. This looks super cute and cozy!!

  5. Nice! I have a similar green cardigan that I've been practically living in recently. Yours' looks so chic with your mustard (curry? sunflower?) scarf. <3

  6. Oh I love this outfit, especially that scarf! It's such a wonder color and looks great on you!

  7. Those colours always looks so easy and nice on you! I'm curious about the shirt, though, and the bit of pattern poking through--what's it look like? It looks like a really good print

    1. I will make sure to take a photo of myself in it the next time it's off the hanger, so you can see it in all of its glory! :)

  8. Such a perfect layered outfit! I love the scarf!
    I dropped the ball this week with what to wear but I hope I can make it next time!

  9. Those leggings are just darling!

    PS found you via October Rebel's blog :)