Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For the love of tea

Lately I've been thinking: It seems to me, the way Ian feels about his collection of pipe tobacco is about the same as I feel about my collection of tea. Like him, I love basking in the glory of each and every tin and box, and picking the perfect flavour for the occasion. Really, there's nothing quite like moseying up to my desk or my cupboard to peruse each and every flavour, before landing on the perfect one. When Ian's ready for a smoke, he's much the same. He ventures into his office, selects the perfect pipe (he has about 20 at this point) and then he takes a gander at his mason jar-lined shelf, searching for the perfect fit. We both love having options.

At work each morning, I'll ask myself, "What shall I drink today? Will it be pumpkin chai, chai rooibos, Tekarra evening, coffee cake, or perhaps alpine punch?" I keep nearly all of my tea at work, as that's where I do most of my steeping and sipping. But, I also have a small stash of my favourites tucked in the cupboard. Of course that stash includes the red velvet cake black tea from David's Tea, and it also has lemon ginger from a local shop in Jasper, as well as some straight up rooibos. Yum.

Usually I'm a pretty heavy coffee drinker. But as of late, I find myself reaching for my tea ball and some loose leaf goodness far more often than I reach for the coffee pot. I'm not sure when or why or what made the change, but I'm enjoying all of my flavour options these days.

What's making its way into your morning cup these days? Any flavours I need to explore?

UPDATE: Caitlin just posted this video in the comments and I feel it is necessary to include it in this post. It is far too perfect and far too hilarious to leave hiding down there. So, enjoy! And, thanks Caitlin. Like seriously, this is amazeballs.


  1. I'm not a big fan of tea personally but I know I'm decidedly in the minority. Regardless, this post made me think of this video (which is hilarious...and probably NSFW because of language):

    1. I watched it at work! (Yay! for working in a newsroom. We're like a bunch of drunken sailors in here. No need for NSFW warnings!)

    2. Hahaha yay! I'm so glad you liked it (and added it, it fits perfectly). :)

  2. Your red velvet tea has me drooling at the prospect! My personal favourite is rose black tea- although I drink it with milk (I've heard that's weird but hey, each to their own!)

    Gayle x

  3. Very strange.... I was just sitting down to look at blogs then finish writing my post about tea when I saw this. 0_O

    This is a wonderful collection, Nicole, and pumpkin chai sounds lovely. Great you have so many options. I have the opposite approach though - I usually drink my same old same old black tea every morning. :-)

  4. awww so jealous!! I miss tea so much!! I can't have caffeine and a chai tea is my absolute favorite!! Love your collection!!