Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Life: January

Well hey there, pals. Welcome back to the world according to my Project Life binder. Here for you today are images from the first few weeks of the year. The week of January 8th was a quiet one. I found myself sick on the couch, attempting to work, but not accomplishing much. I also found myself sick and in bed, accomplishing even less than I managed on the couch. Otherwise, there was a ton of snow. Like, holy man, a TON! So much, in fact, that one morning, well before the snowplows had made it onto any of the secondary streets in town, I found myself trudging through calf deep snow on my way to an interview. Ick!

The week of January 12th was ever so slightly more eventful. After being sick, I was finally feeling hungry again, so I was gobbling up a bit of everything, like snack plates and HOMEMADE Vietnamese food. Om nom nom. I also received my 2014 Project Life goodies in the mail... although at that point I hadn't even finished 2013.

In mid-January, the Jasper in January event began, which meant events galore, both for pleasure and for work. There was Winterstruck at Pyramid Lake, where I finally went on a horse-drawn sleigh; there was the Loud and Proud drag show at the Whistle Stop; and a canyon crawl at Maligne Canyon. Busy! Oh, and at this point, I'm still not drinking. Remember? I took a vow of sobriety for the month of January.

The week of January 20, there were a bunch more festival events, like the annual street party and fireworks, and the chili cook-off. This is also the time when my friend Katherine came to visit, so there are plenty of amazing memories.

This spread includes a ski adventure, ice climbing adventure and an evening with Stuart McLean, all of which happened while Katherine was visiting. Seriously, this was the best. I still get giddy thinking about meeting Stuart McLean and interviewing him. That will certainly go down in history as one of the coolest experiences EVER.

Well, that takes us through most of January. I have one more half spread for January 31, the day I finally got to drink a beer! I'll show that off soon, along with a few spreads from February. I'm still truckin' my way through the month, so I'll wait until the spreads are all done and then do another mass posting. Stay tuned!


  1. Best idea ever! :D Thanks for sharing

  2. Every time I see Project Life on a blog I fall in love with it a bit more. How long does it take you to get your pages done? How do you print photos that size?

    Your book looks so professional and it seems like it'd be a little easier than scrapbooking because I couldn't keep up with the time commitment of that.

    Sorry for the barrage of questions this morning! Your book is just so impressive and stylized!

    1. Hi Alli,

      To be honest, I don't spend much time at all on each spread. I found PL overwhelming when I started it last year, so this year I've taken my own approach to it. I print all of my photos for the month in one shot by ordering them online. I print them all in 4x6 and then, if I want pictures to fit the square sizes or smaller, I just cut them myself. Some websites will let you order them in the exact sizes, though.
      Once my photos arrive, I periodically sit down for an hour or two and bang out as much as I can. Usually it will take me about three or four sittings to do the entire month.
      I definitely find PL to be easier and quicker than scrapbooking. And I love the concept of documenting everyday life. It's been really great looking back at last year's book and remembering things I would have otherwise forgotten.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Love love love it! Those square pockets are delightful, and I adore the moments you chose to capture. So very you. (I literally LOL'd at "dong hole.")