Thursday, March 13, 2014

Succulent sequel: the loss of a plant

It's been a rough winter for some of our beloved succulents. It seems the chilliest months of the year didn't provide enough sunlight or heat to keep our sun soaking, heat loving pals going. So, today, with a heavy heart, I mourn the loss of Baby Toes. When we brought him home from the grocery store last summer, he was a sad little plant, with just a few toes sprouting out of a tiny plastic pot. But over the summer, as we neglected him, left him in the sun and watered him once in a blue moon, he thrived, growing toe after toe after toe. Then the cold came and the days grew shorter, and ol' Baby Toes was sucked dry, and now all that remains of him are his dried out limbs, spread out flat on a pile of crusty dirt. 

As for the others, some continue to thrive—specifically our cacti—while others are struggling for their lives. But, all is not lost. There is still hope! The sun has returned and the days are growing ever longer. So, each day I will watch and wait, and hope and pray, for our saddest of succulents, who need all the warmth and sunlight they can get. Oh! And I'll also open the blinds, 'cause I hear that helps.

Did your plants survive the long, harsh winter?


  1. RIP baby toes. I'm sure your green digits will be missed.

    But congratulations on all your other plants. They look really nice. The colored pots are so cheerful, too.

  2. D'aww poor baby toes! Good luck with the rest of them, though. I picked up some succulents a couple weeks ago, something I promised I would never do again after my last bought into planthood left me with a succulent that literally deflated, rotting from the inside. Hoping this round goes better!

  3. One of my succulents looks like it's about to meet poor Baby Toes on the other side. I basically put it in a window incubator. Fingers crossed the april showers will drown themselves out so it can have some sunshine.