Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We know how to party

Who says getting old has to be boring and depressing? In my book, a birthday is something to celebrate, whether you're turning 27 or 62. And a celebration isn't complete without your pals, good food, good drinks and some silly costumes, preferably with moustaches.

Two of my friends celebrated their birthday's last week. They're the two smooshed in the middle of the photo: Sam and Mishelle, and I was tasked with throwing the party. Mishelle had said she wanted it to be just like a kid's party, with loot bags, plastic table clothes, streamers, hats and the whole bit. So, of course, I took that request to heart and had a little fun. And the result was a super fun party that included costume changes! (These photos were taken early on, but once our friend Julie-Anne arrived, dragging with her a tickle trunks worth of goodies, things got even more nutty, with wigs and vests and hats and other silly things rotating their way from one guest to the next.)

What's your ideal birthday celebration? 
I know that Amanada over at Little Lady Little City had a pretty amazing one recently! She went rollerskating with her pals. It looked super fun.


  1. AH! A kids party is a great idea. Feeling pretty jealous of those awesome staches over here. :) Great pictures and you did a great job putting it all together.

  2. Oh how wonderful is this! I love it! My ideal birthday celebration would be a picnic in a field with music and sparklers! Oh how wonderful. Your blog is so inspiring! x

  3. This looks like an incredibly fun time!!